Workout Challenge

Jane Fonda
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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It's the hardest, best choreographed, most effective and safest workout I've ever done. Compared to it, all of Jane's other workouts are a disappointment. There is nothing untouched and nothing "un-burned" on this video. She works everything, warm-up, arms, waist, abs (killer), cardio, balance, legs, butt, cool down. This is probably the first video i've owned and done, and it will be with me forever. It is Gold.

Instructor Comments:
No where on this site do i see Jane Fonda getting the credit she deserves on this video, or for that matter, as a home video exercise Queen. I am 37 and have been doing this video since the age of 15 and it STILL kicks my butt. Jane is the pioneer of Pilates as all of her exercises are Pilates based, even before I heard the word Pilates.

Denise Berger


This is the same video reviewed by Tracy as Total Body Workout. Mine says "Complete Workout" on the cover, but it's the same. I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this 1989 video. A blast from the past ! It brought back fond memories of the good, old-fashioned workouts I did when I first got into going to classes. The upper body workout seems fairly effectively, although I don't remember any tricep work and it didn't make me sore (even though I hadn't done a weight workout for over a week). The aerobic section isn't tough, but I beefed up some of the moves to give myself a better workout. Yes, some of it is a little hokey, but it's a fun workout for a light day. After two days, my hamstrings are still hurting from the lower body workout. I used Dynabands instead of ankle weights, and used my barbell for the lunges. All in all, this is an okay workout (for how old it is).

Jane looks goofy with two little bows in her hair (like when we were in grade school), and the others seem to be in some sort of a contest for either who has the biggest hair or the biggest bow in their hair. But, after all, it was 1989 when the video was made! And they all have little matching socks for their leotards. Great personalities, though.

While Jane doesn't do the aerobics, she lets it go to the loudest man and most annoying guy ever to lead aerobics. This could've been much better with a person who couldn't have woken your household up while the TV is on mute!! The rest of the tape is great. Alot of the exercises surpass Advanced level. But experts should find this tape an interesting and highly enjoyable workout. It runs 90 minutes from 1983.

Instructor Comments:
Jane is very good in this third tape she made. She leads an energetic, great toning and endruance-building hour and a half of the hardest exercises she's done. Coreography greatly reflects back to the original Workout from 1982.

Michael B.