Woman's Day Design Your Own Workout

Year Released: 1991

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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(Beginner level)

Instructor Comments:
Kessler (AFFA certified) is upbeat and positive without seeming cheerleader-ish. She makes some mention to safety (ie proper warm up, cooldown, and maintaining good form) without scaring you away from the workout.

The Woman's Day Design Your Own Workout is a 44 minute series of routines (warm up, low impact aerobics, arms, legs, abdominals, and cooldown). Each routine is color-coded on the video so you can easily fast forward to any section you choose, mixing and matching to save time, or focus on just the areas you want. The movements are also very concise, which is good if you only have a small space for working out. The downside of the video is that it's not very challenging. The low impact aerobics section would be better called "no impact whatsoever." I didn't even break a sweat. If you are at all in shape, you'll need hand weights to make the arms section a challenge. Finally, I found the cooldown section to be much to short. This would be a good video for someone whose working out for the first time in years and is generally intimidated by workouts.