Weight Watchers Workout Series

Aileen Sheron
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics , Total Body Workouts

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A beginner/intermediate level tape series consisting of 3 videos: Low Impact Aerobics, Step & Sculpt and Tone & Stretch.

Low Impact Aerobics
Fitness level: Beginner/Intermediate
Choreography: Moderate
Impact: Low
Music: Jazzy instrumental
Setting: Studio
Cast: Instructor Aileen Sheron plus two female exercisers who never talk. Space needed: enough for a wide grapevine sideways, a mambo step forward, and four big steps backward. Composition: Aerobic warmup 7 minutes; core aerobics 26 minutes; aerobic cooldown 3 minutes; stretches 5 minutes; total workout length 41 minutes. This video is Volume 1 of the 3-volume Weight Watchers Workout Series

Instructor Comments:
At first I was annoyed by Aileen's cutesy mugging for the camera, but she's really not a bad instructor. Her cuing is good, her choreography is fun, and her comments are encouraging without being chatty or silly. She doesn't give many form pointers - you just have to watch what she does. She also doesn't tell you how to modify intensity, although she shows you with comments like "OK now, power up!" and moving her arms harder.

Pam Larson