The Tribal Dance workout

Kris Freewoman
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a home made tape of an actual african dance workout class. It is shot in a gym with an echo. I believe there are live drummers off to the side. It appears that the camera is off to the side also. The class has about 10 women in it of all sizes and colors and abilities. Most of the students are non-dancers.

This dvd was orginally designed to teacher instructors how to teach this class.

I have taken many, many african dance classes and frankly speaking I was bored doing this one because the moves were very very simple. It is for beginning dancers. The students are low energy and for me, hard to watch because they are not very coordinated. I found myself dancing away from the screen. I hate to say this, but this is a very vanilla african dance class. The students got the basic moves, but the soul was missing.

The editing is also bad when going across the floor. The dvd is edited in the wrong places. It cuts off the movement in the middle and leaves you scrambling to catch up.

The good part about the dvd is the music, what you can hear of it. There is a separate cd of the music.

Kris is a great teacher and it appears that she has had a lot of african dance experience. She is coming out with another dvd and hopefully she will clean up the editing and include students with dance abilities. You can get the dvd at

Instructor Comments:
Very enthusiastic. Laughs alot.