Total Body Fitness

Kathy Ireland
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This was my first tape and for someone who had never worked out before it was pretty good. It has three sections, 20 min. aerobics (not counting warm up & cool down) 20 min. total body workout and 20 min. lower body & abs. I mostly did the aerobic portion and within about a month I was doing the arm movements the whole workout, rewinding and doing the last 10 min over and adding squats and lunges to make it more challenging. While I don't enjoy this video now it introduced me to the fact that there were videos out there that were not *dancy* which for me was one of the keys to sticking to it.

Tonya Bednarick


This film totals 90 minutes. It is divided into 3 sections which can be combined using all three segments or alternating segments when time is limited. This video is filmed outdoors. One of the exercisers is Kathy's mother.

The first segment involves 30 minutes of low-impact aerobics. The routines are very basic consisting of 4 steps forward, 4 steps backward, 4 steps to the left, and 4 steps to the right. The arm and leg patterns vary as you move forward, backwards, left, and then to the right. At the end, the different arm and leg patterns are all put together to complete the aerobic section. Definitely a beginner video. I found it difficult to elevate my heat rate, therefore I use it very little if at all. It's an ideal video for someone interested in starting their own aerobic program and one that is not to intimidating. Because one will grow out of it so quickly maybe checking out the video from your local library would be the way to get started.

The warm-up and cool-downs are very through and relaxing.

Segment 2 is 25 minutes of total body conditioning. I found this segment more challenging. It consists of pelvic tilts, stationary lunges, basic squats using a chair, push-ups, and abdominals.

Segment 3 is called the lower body meltdown and is about 20 minutes. It is just a more intense version of segment 2 working all the same muscle groups.



Easy, but still got my working. I like the length and divided sections. I got insulted for how silly some of the excercises looked though.


Instructor Comments:
Very camera friendly,motivating. Jokes , but often repeats herself alot.



Personally I thought this video is very nice for beginner, intermediate, as well as advanced exercisers. I do aerobics and weight lift Monday thru Thursday at the gym and on Friday and Saturday I workout with this video. Being that I consider myself advanced, I increase the intensity of the aerobic portion by adding a hop or jump to every movement. The other two sections are awesome for toning and tightening the abs, hips, buttock, and thighs.

Instructor Comments:
This is here first aerobics tape and she did a very nice job.

Tekeema Blackwell


This is a begginers level video with a 30 minute low impact aerobic workwout with easy-to-follow steps. A 25 minute total body conditioning segment that increases strength by using your body's resistance. And to end this total body workout a 20 minute lower body segment that firms your legs, hips, and abs. This video is great broken up when you find yourself short of time and is a well rounded workout when all segments are done simultaeously.

Unlike all the other videos on the market this one is as if you walked into an aerobics class with ordinary people like yourself. Nobody is wearing matching clothing! Nobody is perfect! Everybody is actually having fun! I hope to see more exercise videos like is one with "real people" at higher exercise levels from all exercise video producers.

Instructor Comments:
For this exercise video to be Kathy's first I think she has done an outstanding job. She interacts with participants by laughing and having fun. She is diffently not like the other instructors, all work and no play.

Karen Mason


The aerobic workout in her Total Body Fitness video is deceptive. It starts out rather slowly but by the end of the segment, you do feel the workout. I especially like her thigh work and pushups. Her ab work is pretty good, too. She does more repetitions than any other instructor, and I really like that. I also like the intensity of her squats and lunges. Other than Thin Thighs in 30 Days, Kathy Ireland has, I feel, the best lower body workout of all the tapes I own. Karen Voight is another one with an excellent lower body workout. One does not feel the intensity of the workout with hers, but they are equally effective. For a night when I am too tired to do a full video, Kathy Ireland's Body Specifics is great. It is very intense, and amazingly refreshing. I am trying to get Kathy's Advance Sports Fitness video, but cannot find it anywhere.

Instructor Comments:
I like her as an instructor. I have no complaints about her as an instructor at all. She is very straightforward and no nonsense. She also uses ordinary people in her videos, which I like. It makes one goals for reaching a particular fitness level seem more attainable.

Apiyo Osanya-Nyyneque