Swedish Dance Aerobic & Step

Fredrik Sjoberg
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Step Aerobics

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Iím reviewing this workout after doing it once.

General workout breakdown: This DVD contains one hi/lo or floor aerobics workout (just under 38 min.) and one step aerobics workout (46 min.), for 84 minutes of creative choreography.
Note that neither segment has a warm-up or cool-down, nor is there a general warm-up or cool-down for the video.
Each segment has six blocks of choreography. In the step portion you do combos 1-3 together after learning them, then throw them away for combos 4-6; in the floor portion you learn all combos separately, then do 1-3 together and then just 4-6 together.
Fredrikís style definitely has a dance influence to it, especially on the floor (think Patrick Goudeau, Christiane Reiter, Marc-Oliver Kluike, etc., more than even Christi Taylor, for example). His choreography isnít that complicated for an Evolution instructor, but as always expect pivots and spins.

Level: Iíd recommend this to at least intermediate exercisers comfortable with moderately complex step and hi/lo choreography.
I consider myself an intermediate / advanced in cardio, although Iím more of an intermediate plus when it comes to step, since I havenít had mine that long and am still working my way through more complex step aerobics workouts. I pick choreography up pretty quickly if itís broken down and cued well. I felt very confident with the choreography after just one run through (again, be aware I think Iím better than average at picking up Ė although probably not exactly executing Ė choreography). I found this moderate in intensity for me, with the step portion stronger than the floor one (I often find that to be true, however, perhaps because Iím still relatively new to step workouts whereas Iíve been doing floor routines for a while).

Class: 2 people join Fredrik in each portion: 2 women in the floor, 1 woman and 1 man in the step.

Music: a mix of instrumentals and (remade) vocals thatís better than average. Much better, really. Recognizable songs include ďLet the Sunshine in,Ē ďTake My Breath Away,Ē ďGloria,Ē and ďCrazy in Love.Ē

Set: the kind of bare bones warehouse setting of the past few Evolution filmings, with screens and TV monitors with the spinning E along the back wall and red for the floor or green for the step lights highlighting the back wall.

Production: clear picture and sound, with Fredrikís voice audible over the music and the music not too quiet. The camera angles are mostly helpful, although as with any Evolution production expect some oblique angles and some close-ups. You can see camera equipment and other stuff off to the side in one angle, but given the sort of unpolished-looking set itís not as off-putting.

Equipment: sneakers (I used my split sole dance sneakers for the hi/lo portion; a cheap alternative is a piece of slick tape over the toebox of an old pair of crosstrainers) plus a step (Fredrik and company use a step with 2 - yes, 2 - sets of risers Ė not sure Iíve seen that on an Evolution video before).

Space Requirements: You need enough space all around your step to move comfortably with both feet on the floor, plus a little extra behind your step. For the floor portion youíll do best if you have a fair amount of space, enough to take several big steps in each direction (front, back, side).

DVD Notes: One side of this disc is in PAL format, the other in NTSC (Region 1, i.e. US and Canada).
The main menu options are Play All, Dance Workout, Step Workotu, Bonus Features (Behind the Scenes, Bloopers & More, Bonus Blocks, which here are Christiane Reiterís Reit House Moves and Tom Wollís Street Dance, Fredrik Interview, and Evolution DVD Previews), Evolution Montage, and Fredrikís Info. The step and dance aerobic portions are chaptered by block of choreography, with the final run throughs also chaptered separately.

Instructor Comments:
Comments: Although Fredrik never really says so, this may be primarily intended for instructors to get ideas for classes, although itís easy enough to follow along as an at home exerciser who doesnít intend to teach. Thereís enough breakdown and run throughs of each combo to learn them, although Fredrikís short on the TIFTing (and I donít think he ever does as many run throughs as he says he will). Of course, one big drawback to using this as a workout is the lack of warm-up and cool-down, so youíll have to add your own or use these as add-ons. Fredrik, who is indeed from Sweden, teaches entirely in English, a language with which he seems very comfortable. He cues well, although donít expect him always to break down verbally what heís doing during the ďwatch meĒ segments, when he demonstrates the next layer as you stick with the version youíve just learned, or during repeat run throughs. He mirror cues, too. He has a sense of humor and definitely appears to be having fun, although he never loses sight of his role as a teacher.