Misty Tripoli
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This is one of the three discs from Mistyís Body Groove series (Alive, Strong, Calm). They are all DVD-R.

The disc is very well chaptered. You can listen to a little intro by Misty or go right to the workout, which has nine sections. The entire workout from beginning to end is 67 minutes long (not including the intro). I don't see a way to program it to play the chapters in an order of your own choosing, but you can skip around. As each chapter starts, the title flashes on the screen.

The background exercisers of all shapes and sizes are recognizable from the other two workouts - I think there are eight of them, plus Misty, but they move around so much it is hard to keep track. Actually, I am so busy moving around during the workout myself that I donít pay a lot of attention to the tv screen.

I love, love, love this workout; it is my favorite of the three and it may very well be my favorite workout ever! It takes me to a happy place and puts a smile on my face that lasts all day long. The music makes me want to move and I enjoy the balance challenges, level changes and unique movements. Iíve never had so much fun squatting and pulsing and doing reverse lunges! This is about strengthening the body while having a good time; I feel like Iím playing, lol, but I know Iím not because there are sections where my legs are tired or my shoulders are on fire. The first 40 minutes are more energetic and then you slow down and eventually at the end you stretch with some yoga type poses and in ways that feel necessary to your own body before a brief meditation. You donít need any equipment for this (no equipment is used in any of her Alive, Strong or Calm workouts).

I would not recommend this for anyone who is the slightest bit uptight or stuffy. You have to be willing to let loose and not worry about how you look or what other people might think. I love Mistyís non-traditional approach to fitness and am so glad that I learned about her through VF!

Instructor Comments:



In this workout Misty tones the whole body through different movements some dance some not. Sometimes while in the move Misty will tell you to freeze. So if you happen to be in a plank pose then youíll be there a little longer. She works the upper body with various arm movements and you feel like they will never end. Misty even targets the wrists in every direction with all her different arm movements. Misty adds lots of variety to all the moves whether upper or lower without the use of weights. Again in this workout she has you moving all around in your workout space. And again the exercisers are all women of various shapes and sizes which is a nice change of pace from other workouts where everyone is a perfect size 0. Mistyís energy is very high so this workout will also get your heartrate up a little for being a toning workout.

I liked that I felt worked out and got a little cardio in. I definitely felt the work in my lower body then next day. My upper body got a little probably just because of the floor work with planks and such. Misty targets the core in many of the moves. There are some planks and some crawling in plank pose moves, which when held for a little longer you will feel it. The lower body gets worked through plies and some lunge moves but also through dance moves. I liked that Misty added balance poses and Tai Chi. (Misty version Tai Chi of course). The arms are worked with so many movements front, back, to the side and holding them in place. Misty adds punches and arm swings in many directions. It gets exhausting but Misty just laughs and gives you more. Then she tells you are you feeling those shoulders and forearms. And of course how can you not feel them youíre in pain. This has been such a different dance toning experience that I canít compare to any other workout I have.


Funky Tribe, full body warm up 6 minutes

Tribal Funk, lower body 6:25 minutes

Blow You Mind, upper body 6:56 minutes

Spirit Groove, lower body 5:36 minutes

Pulse, full body flow 5:15 minutes

World Motion, lower body 5:39 minutes

Butterfly, upper body 4:27 minutes

Temple Dancers, full body flow 6:27 minutes

Rhythm Of The Universe, body massage & core

Love Is Free, flow, stretch & relax 8 minutes


Misty offers a very different way to exercise. I now realize she wants you to come out of your ďcomfort security blanket zoneĒ. To tap into something different, so you can evolve and come out a much more creative person both in mind and body.

Instructor Comments:
Misty is a very intuitive instructor wanting to free your mind and body of baggage you don't need on this journey called life.