The Solution

Jill Danielle Balkam
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I liked this video, overall. However, I found it good for EXTREMELY light days, and even then it seems kinda easy. It's honestly nothing compared to Tae-Bo, etc. However, it's a nice, aerobic routine, and, although not original, it's still pretty good. However, I managed to suit this video better for myself by modifying it, i.e. while they walk forward I skip or jump, etc. It's pretty versatile, so that helps. If you don't mind custom-making this routine due to your mood and strength, this is an unbeatable video!

Instructor Comments:
She was TOTALLY COOL, and seemed really genuine and motivating. I would definitely buy a video from her again. She's also REALLY fit, and that makes me want to work harder.



I first saw this advertised in one of the fitness magazines, and I considered ordering it at the time, but didn't. Now I'm glad I didn't. I got this from the exchange. It really has nothing new -- or even fun -- to offer.

It starts with your traditional high/low aerobics geared mainly toward beginners and intermediates. It's pretty repetitive with basic moves. That's followed by light toning, which, again, is nothing to write home about. The total length of the tape is about 45 minutes.

This is not a bad workout, just completely unexciting. Grade C.

Instructor Comments:
There's really nothing memorable about Jill one way or the other. She's "okay."

Annie S.