ShapelyGirl: Let's Get Moving

Debra Mazda
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a very pleasant workout. According to Collagevideo, it is beginner to intermediate but I would say it is more beginner than intermediate. The cardio is completely low impact but is easily modifiable to make the workout more intense. The workout starts with a warm-up consisting of basic marching, side steps, squats with varying arm movements, etc. The workout consists of several combos. The combos are simple moves such as V-steps, side steps, mambos, hip shakes, basic kicks and punches, etc. The workout ends with a cool-down and stretch. The bonus lower body workout consists of 2 (8 count) sets each of:
side leg lifts with additional pulsing
inner thigh lifts
table work for glutes
pushups (4 sets of 8)
bridge works

This is a Greg Twombley production, so the production values are fine as they are with all of his work. The set is the 2008 CIA set. There are 4 backgrounders who are lovely “shapely girls” meaning plus-sized exercisers.

The premixes are:

Lower Body workout: warm-up, bonus lower body & cool down – 19 min
Quick workout: warm-up, 3 combos & cool down – 19 min
Longer workout: warm-up, all combos, bonus lower body & cool down – 42 min
Extra long workout: warm-up, all combos 2 times & cool down – 54 min

I enjoyed this workout and plan to use it on light days or days when I cannot face an extremely intense workout. It is more fun than a Leslie Sansone walk since there is far more variety with the moves. The “circle time” is a seven minute chat with the shapely girls about working out, staying motivated, and how the program works for them. It reminded me of Jari Love’s chat with the cast during the stretch at the end of Ripped and Chiseled.

As for cons: I wish it were longer as it clocks in at about 30 or so minutes. Debra’s cueing is not great, but the moves are so basic that it is truly not a problem. Also, I would have liked a few more ab reps and some work for low abs and obliques. Lastly, I am not fond of the “shapely girl” these music that plays during the warm-up.

I recommend this workout and give it a B+.

Instructor Comments:
Debra Mazda is very encouraging without being annoying. She tells viewers that she si an exercise physiologist, used to weigh more than 300 pounds and that she is currently a fit size 12. I love that. We all can’t be size 2’s.

Tracy aka a_real_twit