Safe and Fit

Cindy Kozacek
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This workout is called "Safe and Fit at 50" in the Collage catalogue, but when I received my dvd the cover had the "at 50" left off so I guess they are trying to market this to all ages. Which is an excellent idea because this is a very good workout. The aerobic section is fairly simple choreography but you will definitely get your heart rate up. The choreography is simple, yet constantly changing so you don't get bored during the workout. I didn't find myself watching the clock at all, like I do with some of my Leslie Sansone workouts. The workout is led by Cindy, with Bobbie showing the modified version and Lynn showing the advanced version. After the cardio portion a 14 minute seated weight workout follows, and the workout ends with a stretch using the chair.

The music is great on this workout, kind of a disco feel to it and goes well with the workout and keeping the boredom factor down. A keeper!

Instructor Comments:
Very pleasant and encouraging. Cues well.