Beginner's Stretch for Flexibility

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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This tape offers a basic and very relaxing 30-minute stretch. Unlike the other tape in this stretch series, it is not broken into sections: you are meant to do the entire 30 minutes. The time goes very quickly. All of the stretches are athletic-style, although there are a few modified yoga poses. Tamilee tries to coordinate the breathing with the stretches, but not in a yoga way: the emphasis is clearly on the athleticism of the moves. Several times, Tamilee reminds you of this, encouraging you to note your progress so you'll see how much easier the moves get with practice. About 15 minutes of the tape is done standing, and the rest is done on the floor. None of the poses will require modifying even by complete beginners. Tamilee is a very soothing instructor. I bet she'd be great at reading books on tape :-) This is a thorough yet relaxing stretch program that will increase flexibility and allow even the most inflexible beginner to stretch comfortably.



My general impression of this tape is that it is a good, short series of stretches that help release tension and relax you. It begins with some standing stretches for the side of the body, triceps, back of the thighs, outer thighs and inner thighs, and then you go to the floor for some stretching of the low back, obliques, outer thighs again, hamstrings, quads, abdominals and neck, followed by a short progressive relaxation (where you visualize relaxing from your head down to your toes). What I like about this tape is that it is short (about 30 minutes), and the stretches are all do-able, regardless of what level of flexibility you have. Tamilee looks very attractive in her red outfit and her voice is soothing and pleasant.

My criticisms are that the stretches are not held long enough, are not repeated enough (except for the stretches at the beginning of the tape) and there isn't much variety. I would have liked some more hamstring stretches and upper body stretches. This might be trivial, but Tamilee doesn't pronounce the "b" in abdominals, which I noticed ever since her Abs of Steel days. I forgive her though, because I think she is a competent instructor with a nice personality.

I would recommend this tape to anyone who is looking for a good, quick, basic, relaxing stretch tape.



Yee, Kest, and Windsor. These are just a few of the instructors whose videos I have tried. With each play of the VCR, I was hoping that one of these famous fitness gurus could peak my interest in the joy of stretching and flexibility. After lots of purchases, unfortunately I discovered that I am not a fan of yoga or pilates. As much as I wanted to love it, getting in some much needed flexibility training was not going to be accomplished using one of their methods and that is when I bought Tamilee's Stretch for Flexibility.

This tape is approximately 29 minutes long and gives you a nice good old fashoned athletic stretch workout that will increase your flexibility and relax you at the same time.

The set is outdoors in a garden. Occasionally, you hear birds chirping and you even see a duck walk behind Tamilee in one shot.

Tamilee's voice is very relaxing and I really liked the way she gently guides you through the series of stretches. Even though this is an athletic stretch workout, it is very flowing and Tamilee demonstrates each move with poise and grace.

So if you are looking for a good tape to increase your flexibility and just get in a relaxing stretch to lengthen your muscles. This is a great workout to have in your collection. Anyone at any level of fitness will reap the benefits from this workout.

Instructor Comments:
Found her cuing to be excellent and she has a nice calm voice and demeanor. She made me feel totally relaxed. You will benefit completely from Tamilee's years of experience.



This is a 30 minute stretching video led by Tamilee Webb. There are no background exercisers.

It has an outdoor setting, the backdrop is a wall of green leaves (large hedge). There is a breeze blowing which causes the leaves to move about, occasionally a bird will walk through the set. I did not find either one of those things distracting. Tamilee is wearing a red camisole and matching red long leggings (or it may be a unitard, can’t remember now).

Stretching starts from the top and works down. There is no “warm-up,” so if you like really warm muscles you might want to do your own warm-up.

I liked this video. It was soothing and I felt stretched when we were done. The stretches weren't held long, but overall I felt that it was probably enough.

Instructor Comments:
As usual Tamilee is thorough and gentle in her approach.

new2me (Donna)


This workout takes place in a garden setting with Tamilee by herself (well, except for the duck that wanders through occasionally!). It seems to flow for me and covers the entire body. Tamilee stresses the important actions in stretching (inhaling before moving, exhaling with movement, tilting the pelvis, etc.) and inserts reminders throughout the workout. There are a couple of moves that I wish she would offer a modification for because it is hard to get into the position if you are very tight.

I do this workout less than her 10-minute segments on the same DVD in the Total Body workout, mainly because they fit in my schedule easier. However, this workout is a good one when I have more time and have a need to relax.

Instructor Comments:
She comes across as calm and knowledgable.

Laura S.


I’m reviewing this video after doing it a couple time in the 2 years I’ve had it.

General workout breakdown: The routine lasts about 30 minutes. This is geared towards the end of the day, since it includes a relaxation segment towards the end. The stretches are held for a decent amount of time; they’re not very short, but they’re not very long. Once you know the routine, you’ll be able to move into the stretch sooner and get a few more seconds in.

Level: I’d recommend this to a beginner (although if you’ve never stretched before this might not be ideal) to a low intermediate exerciser. I’m definitely a solid intermediate exerciser, but my flexibility is still limited. I find this an appropriate video.

Class: Tamilee only.

Music / Set / Production Notes: The instrumental music is soft. Tamilee stands outdoors at some sort of country club. (Look for the ducks waddling by to see what’s going on.) The picture and sound quality are very good.

Equipment: mat (or equivalent). Tamilee is barefoot.

Comments: You don’t need a lot of space for this routine. You should be able to lie down with your arms and legs extended, and you should be able to kneel and stretch forward.

DVD Notes: This workout is available with Total Body Stretch for Beginners on the “Total Stretch for Beginners” DVD. The DVD allows you to select your workout, choose alternate camera angles or the music only option, or take a quiz about flexibility and stretching.

Conclusion: This isn’t a bad stretch workout at all, but I’d personally rather do a 30 minute yoga program. Conversely, if you like the idea of stretching and relaxing but don’t like yoga, this might be a good video to check out. I’ve kept the DVD for the Total Stretch, which allows you to select 10 minute segments, which is easier for me to add on to other videos.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee is soft-spoken and serious about what she is doing. She restricts her chatter to (mirror) cueing and pointing out facts about the muscles you’re working. She’s calmer and less forced than in her other stretch video.