Renew You: Cardio Fusion

Tracey Mallett
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This workout is great for a day when you don't want to work yourself to exhaustion but still want to do something. The exercises look a lot easier than they are, and I find that the more I do it, the more I get out of it as I can focus more on form and less on just following.
I agree with Denise that the settig of this workout is really relaxing, although I find it a bit hard to see a beautiful sky on my kid's playroom ceiling... (Tracey tells you to look up at the beautiful sky at one point)
At the very end, Tracey has you lie on the mat and just relax for a minute or two. I love that.
I can do this workout in the morning or the evening as it will leave me feeling both invigorated and relaxed.

Instructor Comments:
Tracey is encouraging yet really calm in this workout. She cues clearly for the most.



Setting: Very pretty outdoor setting, you'll feel relaxed as you workout. Very lush surroundings.

Music: The music is upbeat instrumentals. I recognized some of it from other instructors who have used it in their workouts.

Modifier: Broni demonstrates all modifications during the workout.

Warm Up:
Sun salutations warm you up and prepare you for the Core Cardio Portion. Tracey will take you through the series several times adding new yoga poses as she progresses.

Core Cardio:
Tracey blends movements from pilates, yoga, ballet and dance in unique combo's that will raise your heartrate and develop core strength. The workout is done barefoot which is most beneficial in doing some of the yoga/ballet poses. Very easy to follow, even those without any experience in any/all of the 4 disciplines can participate. Tracey adds on movement as you go, even adding elements of Tai-Chi with water arms, etc. Side steps, hip sways, squats, rib circles and cross taps are some of the moves you'll be doing in combinations. Tracey demonstrates the moves, adds on and then repeats it from the top several times so you are sure to get the moves and gain cardio benefit.

Upper Body Sculpting:
Small hand weights are used to tone the upper body. Standing flies begin the sequence. Overhead raises with bentover angle work shoulders and upper back. Next while on your tip toes, you'll raise the weights with underhand grip up to shoulder height. Then you'll perform rowing front, which is derived from pilates. Pilates circles follow. Yoga moves are next. In warrior 2, you'll do bicep curls and arm raises then repeat to other side. Seated poses are next such as rowing and bicep curls.

Total Body Toning:
Finishing up with floorwork, you'll begin in cat/cow. No weights in this section as you'll use your own body weight for resistance. There are planks in this section that beginners may need to modify (watch Broni if needed). Ab work finishes this segment.

Instructor Comments: