Rear In Gear

Cynthia Kereluk
Year Released: 1987

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This video is 60 mins long and has a lot of bouncing from standing aerobic moves to floor moves - you are contantly getting up and down. Our group did not care for this video because of that reason. She is easy to follow and cues well, though. I ordered this video from her through her morning TV exercise program. I have written her and am asking for an exchange of another one of her tapes called 'Workout III' (which is 45 mins in length). Have not received any correspondence as of yet.

Instructor Comments:
Cynthia has a half hour program on TV 5 days a week, is from British Columbia, Canada, is a calm, cool, & collected type of person.

Nancy Clarkson