Project: You - Foundations

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is the beginning cardio workout for the Project: You series. Previous reviewers have given great overviews of the video so I'll just post my impressions.

I think this would be a great starting tape for a beginner or someone restarting. As someone getting back into the exercise game, it set me in the right direction. However, as someone who enjoys complex choreography (Christi fan), after two days I was completely bored and prepared for another challenge. (Luckily, Power Push was right there to fit the bill.)

Instructor Comments:
Kathy has an enthusiastic and encouraging personality that I enjoy.



This is the first cardio workout in the Project You series from Beach Body. The workout has been broken down by other reviews already. I really liked this workout (and I am not a cardio lover at all!) It runs promptly 30 minutes, and is all done on the floor - no step or gadgets are needed. The workout flows well - each side is worked evenly. There is a good warmup to begin, but only a short cooldown at the end (a little longer than one minute)- I think the cooldown was so short because the workout was meant to precede on of the strength workouts. There is about a 10 minute kickboxing segment which is a lot of fun -- includes jabs, crosses, upper cuts, elbow punches, and front kicks. The combos were easy enough to learn. Kathy doesn't teach the moves, but gives form pointers as you go along. There is a modifier showing all low impact (although the workout is mostly low impact) You can kick it up a notch if you choose! I was sweating during most of the workout and the time went pretty quickly. There is a time counter on the bottom of the screen, and each segment is titled before it starts. I've already done this workout 3 times and am still looking forward to doing it again. The intensity can be anywhere from a beginner up thru low advanced.

Instructor Comments:
I always liked Kathy Smith from her earlier videos. She is very low keyed in this one and looks great!



This is the entry-level cardio video in the Project You series from Beachbody. I have several of their other workout sets and feel like Beachbody is a reliable company for me. I had high expectations for this set.

I am a high intermediate and cardio klutz, so I was a bit worried about this one. Some of Kathy Smith's older tapes have been a bit tricky for me, and I was expecitng this would feel too easy, that I would not be able to make the fancy moves work hard enough for me. I was wrong! This is a great cardio routine. I had so much fun and the time went by quickly. I also stayed in my target heart rate zone for 97% of the workout (most of the other 3% was warm-up time although it did beep at me once or twice during the kickbox) and burned about 190 calories. Not bad for half an hour!

The warm-up is a series of side steps and knee-ups with different arm moves. You do the little sequence for 8 reps of each move a few times, then 4 reps each a few times, then twice each a few times. Then you do a knee-up series following the same pattern (short series of moves done for 8 reps a few times, then 4, then 2) and then a kickbox section. A bit of this section was kind of tricky for me from a choreography standpoint and I feel I will need a few more passes through to really nail it. But I was nicely warmed up and kept the pace going. Then there is a short section with mambos again using the 8-4-2 progression. There are some little hops in here. It got me nice and sweaty. Then there is a very short cool-down.

The workout is part of a set and has its quirks as a consequence (e.g. no final stretch to speak of, as you are meant to follow this with a weight routine) but like most Beachbody programs, the individual workouts hold up quite well on their own. I look forward to mixing this one up with my other Beachbody programs and adding it to my regular stable of cardio options. I would happily recommend this routine to anyone looking for a short, effective and fun cardio routine.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Kathy. She has aged very well both physically and as an instructor. She comes across as friendly and experienced.



I am a perpetual beginner/low intermediate. I am pretty easy to please with workouts.

I would say that this workout is an advanced beginner cardio. I could keep up pretty well, but there were definitely a couple of segments that were a nice challenge.

This workout went by fast, and I really did enjoy it. It was pretty simple choreo wise, but interesting enough that I wasn't bored. I like simple choreography, but I also like to think a little so that I can be focused on the workout.

I have only done this workout once, so I may have some things out of order.

It starts out with simple stuff, step touches and knee lifts with different arm movements. The warm up is nice and short, maybe about 3 minutes.
As the workout gets more intense, you do a series of knee repeaters. This kicked up the cardio for me.
About halfway through the workout you switch to punches. This section is fun, and you work up to a combination of punches ( Jab/ Cross/ Jab/ Block) as well as shifting to a "side opponent". I was pretty klutzy here, but had fun trying.

The last section of the workout was lunging from side to side. This was tougher cardio. I have a hard time getting the legs and arms coordinated, so it will be a section that I will need to practice.

The Cool down was very short- just a minute. This 30 min workout is designed to be followed by a strength workout.

The form cues throughout the workout were well timed. I kept getting caught hunching my shoulders. There are no form cues that I remember for the lunges though. I was worried that my knees would hurt or be stiff today from that segment, but they feel fine. Maybe those side to side lunges are not as threatening to my knees as regular lunges since you don't go as deep?

The 4 background exercises were fine. They looked fit but pretty much like someone you would see walking down the street. Except for "T" He was pretty cute and had an amazing body. It was so defined, it was fascinating. There was no whooping, and just a little banter. Nothing that stood out for me.

The music was good for me, I could work along with the beat. I would say it is generic club/dance type music, no vocals.It was loud enough- I hate it when you have to strain to hear the music.

I give this workout overall an A as an advanced beginner cardio. I look forward to doing it again and will be able to up the intensity as I improve. The fact that it is only 30 minutes works for me, I can fit it in a bit easier.

Instructor Comments:
I love Kathy, so I am predisposed to liking her workouts. She was enthusiastic and likeable in this workout, without being too hyper.



This is the "beginner" cardio workout from the Project You set.
It is a half hour of mostly low impact (there are a few boxer shuffles that have a bit of impact) steady-state cardio workout. There is nothing fancy here. It is divided into little sections such as kickboxing, lunge pyramids, shuffles, etc. It is basic choreography with little combination building.
I prefer more complex step, but with floor cardio I find I tend to like simpler stuff.
I do workouts that are rated "advanced", but by I don't choose workouts based on what level they are rated. I just like to do things that seem fun or entertaining enough and manage to get my heart rate up.
This workout is actually more intense than I thought it would be. As the "beginner" workout I imagined it would be appropriate for a novice. I am not sure that is the case. On the other hand, I have never followed the modifier so perhaps it is.
The set is pleasant and bright and Kathy, as usual, is warm and encouraging. She engages all the video participants.
The music is instrumental. I liked it, but I am not one to really enjoy having recognizable songs in workout DVDs.
It has already been stated that all the cardio workouts are similar in this set. That is true, but I find enough differences for it not to bother me.I like all three cardio workouts, but probably use Power Push the most. Power Push and Foundations are the most similar. Long and Lean is a little dancier and does not include kickboxing moves.
I have never done the set as intended, just use the workouts ad hoc.

Instructor Comments: