Prevention: Personal Trainer

Chris Freytag
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This dvd is similar to the Get Moving dvd of this same series, also by Chris Freytag. It has a similar format of multiple short sections which can be mixed and matched to form longer workouts. It has multiple pre-mixes based on certain goals (lose weight, tone up etc) and it has a handy blender feature so that you can mix and match your own routines.

The dvd has two cardio sections, each about 13 minutes. Cardio A is basic aerobic-type stuff, mixed impact (Austin shows beginner modifications) taught in short combos. Chris uses the "take it from the top"teaching style which many Vfers dislike: you start with a few moves, then add on other ones and 'take it from the top' to review the whole thing. By the end, you have done some of the sections many, many times.

Cardio B follows the same format but is more kickbox-based. This is not true kickboxing, it is more like kickbox lite, with a few kicks and punches but nothing serious. I thought it was a more fun section than Cardio A. It had a short jumping plie section at the end though that didn't work for me.

There are four toning sections as well. The ten-minute total-body one uses a lot of compound moves. I don't think it would be sufficient as somebody's strength work though---the compound moves go pretty quickly so you would have to sue light weights and it is not long enough that a light weights format really gives you enough work. I do think short strength sections can be effective, but not with this format, in my opinion.

The other three sections are about 8 minutes each and are targeted toning for legs and buns, abs and back and upper body. I did not find them as thorough as the ones on the Get Moving dvd which I also have. If you are a strength work hater and are using these as a minimal plan to add on to the cardio here, it's better than nothing, I guess, but I think I need more for strength work than this.

I am not sure how I would use this dvd in the future. I guess I would dabble with the cardio and perhaps add in a lower body or abs section to round out the workout to half an hour or so. But I would not rely on this for any sort of serious strength training. I wish I could shuffle around some of the sections with my other dvd, actually: swap the cardio in this one onto the Get Moving dvd and add in the blender feature, and I might have had a single dvd I could actually follow as prescribed by the rotation.

Instructor Comments:
I liked Chris. She is friendly and has an easy-going teaching style.