Backs 2 Basics: Stretch 101

Diane Wall
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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This is a stretch tape led by Diane Wall (and directed by Tamilee Webb), paying special attention to the back.

Filmed in a living room setting, with classical piano music playing in the background, the exercises are demonstrated by model Amy. Diane shows the more advanced options.

The tape is divided into three parts:

Basic Stretches and Back Exercises (29 minutes): This section is done lying down, and stretches all the major muscles of the lower body and back. Back strengthening exercises are also included. The stretches and back exercises are demonstrated for beginners and advanced.

Neck and Shoulder Routine (7 minutes): This part of the programme is done sitting down. As well as stretching the neck and shoulders, there is an exercise to strengthen the neck extensors. This section can be done separately at any time, or added on to the preceding floor exercises for a total body stretch.

Pre-Exercise Stretch Routine (6 minutes): These standing stretches are to be done after you have warmed up (a 10 to15-minute warm-up is suggested) and before starting a workout. Beginning and advanced options are shown. I find this section useful to use before a tape that doesn't provide a pre-exercise stretch (some Charlene Prickett tapes, for instance) or if you're putting your own routine together.

I feel relaxed after doing these stretches, and particularly enjoy the back exercises. The stretches are not held as long as in some stretching tapes, but I found that once I had learned the routines they flowed well and I felt good when I was finished. There are a few stretches that I really enjoy, so sometimes I pause the tape and hold them longer. The first section is a great way to start (or end) the day.

Instructor Comments:
Diane Wall has a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education with an emphasis on Corrective & Therapeutic Exercise. She is soft-spoken, and clearly explains how to get into a stretch and what you should be feeling. I'd definitely like to see more tapes from her.

Glynis van Uden