Power Zone - The Ultimate Metabolism Boosting Workout

Denise Austin
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Pilates/Core Strength , Total Body Workouts

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I just tried this workout for the first time and I am pleased. I am getting back into shape and this made me sweat. The aerobics segment is fun and easy to follow - the minutes fly by. The strength training segments can be plenty challenging if you increase the resistance on the fitness band (or get a different fitness band). One nice touch was Denise's frequent and regular reminders to check posture. I also liked that she took time during most of the exercises to emphasize good form.

Denise's poor cueing, though a little annoying perhaps, won't be much of a problem after a few viewings. As another reviewer pointed out, the choreography is simple and easy to follow.

Instructor Comments:
Denise Austin isn't hip, but I like her. She seems sincere. When I start one of her workouts, it always feels a little hokey at first but then I genuinely enjoy her enthusiasm.



I read one other review of this workout and agree with the comment made about Denise's poor cueing. It's particularly irritating during the aerobic segments, but the choreography is simple enough that I don't think it will bother me after awhile. The aerobics segment is about 25 minutes long and includes a couple toning intervals. After that there is an 11-minute upper body toning segment, 10-minute lower body toning segment and a 10 minute ab segment. The fitness band (included with the DVD purchase) was used in all segments, except the ab segment. I found a lot of the moves fun and a little different from the usual stuff. I was even impressed that when Denise said during the toning segments that her formula is "8 slow reps and 8 fast reps", she pretty much kept her word. I'm used to glaring uneven reps on her workouts, but she was much better on this one.

Instructor Comments:
My husband was working on the computer while I was working out and said, "I don't think I could stand listening to her for very long."



I currently do Denise's Sizzler tape and Fat Burning Blast. I love both of these tapes. They both boost your energy. This new tape there a certain parts I like and dislike. The cardio is to slow for me. I like a lot of movement that gets your heart racing. She talks a lot in this video too. All of the workouts are done with a resistance band. I love the toning section, upper and lower body workout and the AB section. I do like the fact you can skip around to different section without going through the whole tape. I would not recommend if you want an intense cardio workout but I do suggest it for the toning and Ab workouts.

Instructor Comments:
I think Denise is a great motivator. I like her workouts because she always has a warm up, cool down, strength training and ab work. The only problem is....her voice starts to get annoying because she talks so much.



I just purchased this DVD and was not expecting a lot because I have not liked many of Denise's recent DVD's.

I ended up liking it, but decided quickly that I like it better without the exercise band that comes with it. In the aerobics section, which is about 25 minutes, I found it easier to keep up with her poor cueing without worrying about the band. She does many of her typical moves in the aerobic section so it ends up being pretty easy to follow.

In the toning sections, I preferred to use regular weights rather than the band. I feel as if I can have better form using the weights. Each toning session is 10 minutes--upper body, lower body, and abs. So, overall I liked the toning sessions because they were quick and to the point.

I would not say this is the best video, but is okay for adding variety to my other video workouts.