Power 90

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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I judge on results!!

This program gave me incredible results! To work, the instructor/video must be interesting enough to make you want to do it 6 times a week. No problem! I went from 218 lbs (5'2") to 188 in 90 days. I gained incredible strength. Exercise and eating right is now my lifestyle, and I am now working out with Slim in 6 (which I will review when done). I have lost 60 pounds total now, with 35 to go, and went from a size 20 to a 9/10. How is that for results??? Power 90 gave me the life-style that I always wanted but did not have the motivation or self-discipline to create for myself. I recommend it to all...those who have a lot of weight to lose (like me) and those who just want to tone up and build muscle. It is a wonderful program, and the on-line community is incredible. Feel free to check out my results at http://www.mybeachbody.com/dianed

Instructor Comments:
Tony has a corny sense of humor, but it is fun. He is sincere about getting everyone into shape. He is very easy to listen to, and I like that he gives permission to listen to your body and take breaks or modify as needed. This is especially helpful to the beginners (as I was when I started the program).

Diane DeFord


Power 90 consists of six videos. Two of the videos are the abs exercises excerpted from tapes level 1 and 2 and are only used if you want to exercise abs from those tapes. The first level consist of Sculpt 1-2 and Sweat 1-2 and are alternated six days a week with one day off (included in the 90 days suggested by this program). The second level consists of Sculpt 3-4 and Sweat 3-4 and really ups the intensity of the exercises in the first level. Ok. Here's the deal. I started the 90 days on March 1, 2003 and by June 6th (I went a little over the 90 days) I was 15 lbs lighter and had muscle tone and a thirty inch waist (was 32 inch). I wasn't fat to begin with and would have described myself as skinny-fat but at 42 years old I didn't think I would ever lose the tummy and I have. This program asks to you to commit to 90 days of exercise. I don't see how anyone could fail to get results. I'm no model but I can't help feeling better and I think I look better than I ever have. But the real bonus is that I have continued to use these tapes and supplement them with other tapes. I have now established an exercise habit and that in itself is a miracle. I've got the religion!

Instructor Comments:
Tony Horton is a very natural instructor. He gives good instruction on form. Some people might find his humor about tedious but I can honestly say, that after doing the Power 90 workouts for the past six months, it's no bother at all.



I am reviewing these as a set, since they come that way :-) I have the dvd version which comes on two disks, disk one includes Sweat Level 1, Sculpt Level 1 and Ab Ripper Level 1, which immediately follows the Sweat workout and can be accessed separately. The disks came with a small diet leaflet and a short booklet that lets you track your progress. The booklet is not too exciting and contains a lengthy plug for the Beachbody company’s house blend of supplements and vitamins. Disk two contains the level 2 version of all the above programs, which differ from level 1 only in the length and number of “rounds” in each workout. I will be reviewing the level 1 version.

All of the tapes feature a countdown clock in the lower corner tells you how much time is left in both the workout and the round, and a graph tracks your progress through the workout. I found this very motivating. The tapes are meant to be alternated so that you do Sculpt one day and Sweat/Abs the next. This makes it very easy to follow a balanced rotation and get all the components in. Level 1 tapes are about 30 minute and level 2 are about 45.

Level 1 Sculpt is a circuit strength workout. In each round, you do one set of one exercise for each body part. You will get in 3 sets of everything by the end of the workout, but each set will be a different exercise. You can use very heavy weights here since you are only doing one set per body part at a time. Each round begins with a push-up variation, then follows with exercises for the back, shoulders, biceps, triceps and legs. There is a short stretch after each round. The final round amps it up a little with a 7/7/7 split for most exercises, for example, you do 7 narrow squats, 7 normal ones and 7 wide, of you do 7 biceps curls at only lower range of motion, 7 at upper range and 7 full.

The Sweat routine is a cardio circuit. You begin with a somewhat mediocre “Power Yoga” routine that is essentially a series of downward dog sequences repeated over and over again. It seemed endless the first time but actually only worked out to about four rounds through. You start with plank, do upward dog, lift the leg back, then swing it forward to warrior, then repeat on the other side. It was the weakest section of all of the workouts, but it is fairly short. Then you do a short stretch, before you do a series of cardio rounds. Each round has about 3 moves done for about 3 minutes, then you repeat the sequence and do a short stretch. The first sequence involved 3 knee-up variations. The second involved high-impact jogging and two kinds of jumping jacks, and the third involved boxing-type footwork centered around an x on the floor. Following this is a short break and stretch, then you do a kick series (front, knee-ups, side) and punches (cross/jab and hook/uppercut). Then a short stretch and you can either stop or do the ab work, which is a very nice routine. Ab haters will love it---you only have to do ten reps of each exercise, but there are ten of them, so the quantity is there.

This is definitely the wrong workout for certain types of people. If, in the past, you have enjoyed workouts that describe themselves as “gym-style” then this would be a good routine for you. If you prefer workouts that are “choreographed” or “flowing” you would probably find a better match elsewhere. If you prefer high-rep/low-weight strength work, this would not be a good option, but if you hate dancy choreography and have trouble following aerobics tapes, it WOULD be good. This would be a great total-body tape for people who don’t love weight work, because you only do one set per round. But some people might find the lower body work too brief and basic. As far as cardio goes, Tony doesn’t show impact modifications, but you could use a rebounder for the jumping, or modify the jogs to a fast march, the jacks to a sidestep or side plyo and the footwork to wide marches a la Leslie Sansone.

Overall---I am very happy with this, but I freely admit that my workout tastes tend to be on the simple uncomplicated side. This set won’t be for everyone, but as they say, I think you will really like it---if this is the sort of thing you like.

Instructor Comments:
Tony is friendly and personable, an enjoyable instructor.



All in all I think both levels of the workout are good...Ive seen some noticeable results in the first few months. It's very easy to stick with the workouts if you use the book that comes with the tapes (to track your progression) I definately feel like Ive gotten a good workout after completeing level 3-4 on cardio/abs.

Instructor Comments:
Tony seems to be doing more watching then actual doing of the excersizes, he's sure to take plenty of breaks to make sure his assistants are doing the excersizes properly...honestly I dont think he's in all that good of shape himself thus the reason he takes so many breaks!



This review refers to the Sweat 3/4 videos in the set.

This workout involves power yoga and athetic-style cardio moves. Tony Horton leads the workout and is accompanied by 2 background exercisers (one woman, one man). They are all very fit looking and inspiring. I found the girl to be kind of plasticy in her movements.

This is a workout that I could see being effective, but would bore you to death if done very often. The movements are repetitive and the music is really faded into the background and not very inspiring.

There is some moderate impact to this one, but an advantage is that this one would translate very easily to a rebounder. It doesn't take up very much space and uses little to no equipment.

Tony Horton is good at keeping your mind on the workout, though, and is very encouraging. I liked the fact that he was constantly cuing people to go at their own pace. I also like the countdown clock along the side of the screen. The tips along the bottom, I could definitely do without though. I also wasn't thrilled with the set. It was very washed out and warehousey looking.

I can see myself using this one probably once a month or so, and it has interested me enough to get me looking for other Beachbody systems. I also think that this video has appeal for men because it is a really intense cardio workout with very basic moves.

Instructor Comments:
Tony is really likeable. I get a bit anoyed by all of his "Bam" yelling, but overall I liked him as an instructor.



I bought power 90 after watching an infomercial. It is a series of 6 tapes that help you reach your personal best in 90 days. The first 3 tapes are for beginners. But don't let that fool you. I have been exercising daily for 7 years, and I found the tapes quite challenging. There is an ab tape that leads you through 100 crunches, a 45 minute cardio workout that includes a power yoga section, and the third tape is called cardio sculpt. Tony leads you through a series of exercises using weights or a toning cord that works out your entire body. The tapes come with an instruction guide that tells you when to use each tape. I found this to be very helpful. When you feel that you can easily finish the first set of tapes you move on to the second set of tapes. I was very disappointed with this. The only difference between the first tape and the second tape is that there is an extra set of repitions in the second tapes for abs, cardio, and sculpting videos. After doing these tapes daily you start to get bored with the drab scenery and lack of music. The moves also become repetitve. I was hoping for something different in the second set. Although it can get boring, my heart rate is definately up! I am in the best shape of my life! The ab routine is challenging, bu

Instructor Comments:
Tony does a nice job of moving through the stretching, power yoga, aerobics, and cool down section. He is motivating, yet boring at times. He does a nice job of showing alternative moves for beginners. He has a man and a woman (both with perfect bodies) behind him that never talk, but do show an alternative.

Sarah Brown


Power 90 Circuit Sculpt Level 3-4

I reviewed the other power 90 tapes, and describe the exercises listed here in that review. I refer the reader to that review for more clarification.

Instructor Comments:
Read my other power 90 review for this. He irritated me less on this tape. In fact, I was neutral towards Tony on this tape.

Workout: 4 segments. Stretch breaks in between segments. No breaks between exercises.

Segment 1:

Decline pushups: 15-20 target. Down-hold, up-hold.
Heavy Pants (8-15)
Military press (8-15)
Bicep curls (8-15)
Back Scratches (triceps) (8-15)
2 walking lunges. Reverse direction . 2 more. (5 sets of these)


Segment 2:

Wide pushups (to 20)
back flyes (same as other tape. I really forgot the name of this exercise) (8-15)
swimmers press (8-15)
wide angle bicep curl (8-15)
kickbacks with hold at top (8-15)
2 walking lunges. Squat 5 times. 2 more in other direction. Repeat this whole thing 5 times.

Stretch break

wide-tri-die: 7 wide, 7 tri pushups, and max out on the standards (til you can't do anymore)
lawnmower pulls
lateral raises
21s (biceps)
tri dips (up to 20)
15-15-15 squats (feet shoulder width. feet wide. plie, with hands pushing out thighs)

water break.

upright rows (8-15)
max out on squats (up to 20?)
forearm work : forearm curls for 20, then wrist curls for 20
back extensions (hold for 5 seconds. do five of these)
max pushups




(Level 1 and 2)

I feel like I shouldn't have spent the $$ because it turns out that really, I spent $75.00 (shipping+handling + cost of tapes. No supplements, or bands, etc) on two tapes. They claim they send you 6, and they do, but the 2 ab tapes are also included as part of the cardio tapes so you really are getting 4 distinct tapes. The level 1-2 tapes are not required either, as you could just do the level 3-4 tapes "at your own pace/level".

So - in hindsight - should I have bought them, given that I have so many other great tapes (> 60 tapes. Firm, Cathe, Cia, Mindy, Kickboxing)?? Not really. But since I intend to do the program, my sense of honor won't let me return them :-)

I have been doing level 1-2 all tis week instead of 3-4 because of time constraints. Thanksgiving prep, plus two little girls who really want to be with mama (one who explicitly says so, and the other who just wants to nurse :-) ) caused me to want to go for the really short workouts.

Here is the breakdown for you for level 1-2 (since I've been doing them all week, it is fresh in my mind.)

Cardio tape (Level 1-2 is about 35 minutes. Level 3-4 is about 41 minutes)

5 minutes of stretch (simple static stretches. You could easily substitute your own 5 minutes of stretching. Self.com, shape.com, etc, all have great stretches - as a vfer you ae probably well versed in stretching!)

Then power yoga:

plank. down to pushup into upward dog. plank. downward facing dog.
plank. down to pushup into upward dog. plank. downward facing dog.
plank. down to pushup into upward dog. plank. downward facing dog, get up on toes. Lift right leg up. Move it into runners pose.
Move leg back. plank. down to pushup into upward dog. plank. downward facing dog. get up on toes. Lift left leg. Move into runners pose.

plank. down to pushup into upward dog. plank. downward facing dog, get up on toes. Lift right leg up. Move it into runners pose. Stand up into crescent pose. plank. down to pushup into upward dog. plank. downward facing dog. get up on toes. Lift left leg. Move into runners pose. Stand up into crescent pose.

plank. down to pushup into upward dog. plank. downward facing dog, get up on toes. Lift right leg up. Move it into runners pose. Stand up into warrior pose. plank. down to pushup into upward dog. plank. downward facing dog. get up on toes. Lift left leg. Move into runners pose. Stand up into warrior pose.

Then Cardio:

Repeat this sequence 2 times with no rest breaks (For level 3-4, it is 3 times)

30 seconds of knees up, pulling arms down. Knees should come up to waist level.
30 seconds of knees out, pulling arms down.
30 seconds of knees with torso crossing (left elbow to right knee)

Repeat this sequence 2 times with no rest breaks (for level 3-4 it is 3 times)

30 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds running in place. I alternate between high kicks in the back to high knees up front
30 seconds run lunges (you jump alternating your left leg in front/ right leg in back with right leg in front, left in back. Not really a full lunge). You should use your arms as if doing a ski machine

Repeat this sequence 2 times with no rest breaks(for level 3-4 it is 3 times)

30 seconds lateral x. Basically like basic s tep with a run. Right forward, left forward, right back, left back, in a run.
30 seconds fast running. run fast , shuffle left, run fast, shuffle right run fast, shuffle left run fast
30 seconds cross hops (side to side, or on a diagonal. feet together. hop - like slalom skiing

water break (short. 30 seconds)

Repeat this sequence 2 times with no rest breaks (2 for level 3-4 as well)

30 seconds front kicks (martial arts style, not dancy. ) Arms held in fighters stance
30 seconds knee crunches - you bring your knee up to the opposite side elbow/fist. I think of it as holding someone's head and trying to hit them hard with my knee (hey. This IS martial arts, after all!))
30 seconds side kicks with weight on leg that isn't kicking

Repeat this sequence 2 times with no rest breaks (3 times for level 3-4)

30 seconds jab cross
30 seconds hook/uppercut
30 seconds body blows. Stand in fighters stance, hold arms at side, elbows at sides. bring your fists palm side up as if lifting halfway up in a bicep curl. From this pose, deliver body blows as iof somone is standing right in front of you, and you are aiming for their midsection. Really drive those arms.

cool down for 2 minutes (do your own - wandering around kind of thing)

Stretch for 3 minutes

Move into Abs . 10 exercises. 10 reps each (for levle 3-4, same 10 exercises, but 20 reps)

I can only remember 9 of them right now. Sorry.

Regular crunches
move knees to one side, do crunches (work obliques)
move knees to other side, do crunches
soles of feet together, knees out, move arms so that hands are gripping your head and elbows are sticking out forward in front of your eyes, and crunch that way
super man crunches (legs lifted up, arms stretched, reaching for toes)
leg lifts
standard crunch position with hands/head. Lift shoulders off floor.
Move legs into a soles of feet together position and lift legs up and down for 10 reps
full body crunches

CIRCUIT level 1-2

5 minutes of stretching
Three circuits. No rest breaks during circuit

circuit 1: (8-15 of everything)

15 pushups. down hold. up hold.
"heavy pants." Stand in weight lifting stance used in video. One leg in front of other, knees bent. Hold two dumbbells at your sides, and then pull up explosively as if putting on a pair of pants. Works back.
shoulder presses with a twist.
bicep curls
one arm tricep work. Stand in weight lifting stance (do this for all the standing work) and lift a d umbbell in one arm so your arm is straight up next to your ear. Bring dumbbell down to opposite shoulder blade as if scratching your back with it. If this bugs you, do kickbacks.
4 sets of this: lunge left leg. pause. lunge again with right leg. pause. Turn around. lunge left leg. pause. lunge right leg. (I use weights)

STRETCH for 30 seconds ( legs, shoulders, chest)

Circuit 2:

wide pushups. 15. down hold. up hold.
back exercise is like heavy pants, but slightly different. Make back flat and then lift dumbbells outward. A back flye, maybe?
swimmers press. Hold dumbbells in a bicep curl position. Then corkscrew them around when you lift so that at the top of the movement, the palms are facing outward.
wide bicep curls
two arm kickbacks with a pause at top of movement

3 sets of this. lunge left. squat 3 times. lunge right. turn around. lung left. squate 3 times, lunge right.

STRETCH for 30 seconds

Circuit 3:

7 wide pushups. 7 tricep pushups (hands close together, elbows tucked
in). 7 standard. same rhythm as before.
One arm dumbbell row for back, with twist at top, as if trying to start
a chainsaw or gas lawnmower by pulling the string thing.
lateral raises
7-7-7 for biceps. 7 bringing halfway up. 7 starting at halfway, going
all the way up. 7 full range of motion
tricep dips off a chair.
8 squats. feet shoulder width apart.
8 wider squats.
8 plies, at bottom of squat, press knees back with hands.


The level 1-2 tape is 29 minutes long. Level 3-4 is about 35 minutes long. Level 3-4 has more exercises, butmy brain can't remember them all right now.

Hope this helps!!! I think you could do this without shelling out massive moolah. If the price were half of what it is, I would say go for it.

The cardio is intervalish, and the weights is circuits, so you could make your own program by doing 6 days a week of alternating bursty type cardio work with circuit days.

Instructor Comments:
Tony Horton is reasonably good at teaching. His manner bugs me - he, imho, tries too hard to be 'cool'. Refers to his two background exercisers as "the kids", and makes comments like "don't hurt me" while checking their form, and he counts his last reps using a "bam. bam. bam." type lingo. For me, this is irritating, but it isn't irritating to the point where I can't do the tapes. There are some instructors that are so off putting to me that I can't get past it. This is not the case. His yoga form isn't that great, nor is his punching form, but his background exercisers are good, so it doesn't matter much. I think that you should know the basics of jabs, kicks, and weightlifting form before doing the tapes, and I like to add a warmup to the weight tape because I don't think stretching on cold muscles is a good idea.