NIA Non Impact Aerobics

Carlos Rosas, Debbie Rosas
Year Released: 1986

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I'm really glad I did Global Unity before I tried the other NIA tapes. It definitely has the best production values and is by far the most modern of the tapes.

Non-Impact Aerobics (What NIA originally stood for before they decided it stood for Neuromuscular Integrated Action???) was next. That's the orignal, circa 1986. The set has brick pillars and wood floors and a cast of exercisers. Hoo boy! The men are all wearing emerald green shiny spandex bike shorts and grey tank tops, and the women are all wearing grey leotards with white belts and pink footless tights, except for the one overweight women who is wearing a grey unitard and dark pink dance pants. While the preface to the later tapes encourages you to get away from focusing on having a perfect body and instead to focus on getting in touch with your body and feeling your body move, this one starts with a preface about how bad and dangerous traditional high-impact aerobics were and how this is the better way to thin your thighs. I guess they had a change in perspective during that 5 year span between tapes. Also interesting to note was that Debbie and Carlos led the class "old style", facing the class, instead of facing the camera with the class behind them.

Renee Drellishak