The New Zealand Fit Kit

Suzy Aiken
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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(Note: This video is available in PAL Format only)

This is Suzy's first video from 1987.

There are five 20 minute sections. At the end of each high/low cardio section (except the last one) there is muscle strengthening work.

The breakdown of the workouts are as follows:

Section 1. 15 min cardio then 5 min Abs/Back.

Section 2. 15 min cardio then 5 min Inner/Outer Thighs.

Section 3. 15 min cardio then 5 min Arms/Shoulders/Chest.

Section 4. 15 min cardio then 5 min Buttocks.

Section 5. 20 min all cardio.

Suzy demonstrates at the beginning of the tape a warmup and also stretches for beginning and concluding the workouts so the 20 min sections exclude these.

This is a beginner to intermediate level tape. As I got fitter, I combined the sections for a longer workout and used dumbells to make the muscle strengthening work more intense.

There is always one background exerciser demonstrating a totally low impact routine.

As this workout is from the 80s the music is quite 'funky' and is pop tunes from that time.

All in all this is a great workout for getting back into exercising and I would compare it intensity wise to Kathy Smith's beginner/intermediate routines.

Instructor Comments:
Suzy is a cheerful, friendly instructor. She introduces her team and makes comments to them from time to time which I personally like rather than other instructors who pretty much ignore their background exercisers.

Suzy is ACE certified and is also a qualified Physiotherapist. She has an aerobic teaching and extensive Jazz Dance background.