New Body Workout

Gin Miller
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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(Intermediate-Floor Aerobics, Toning)

A straightforward, nothing-fancy low-impact workout from the Step Reebok queen. Gin jokes and cuts up all throughout - maybe she's trying to lose that Max Headroom image from her Step Reebok videos - but it doesn't distract from her cueing. Followed by a total-body toning session (uses dumbbells and a chair). Backed by the Reebok restless-native band.
Grade: B+

Sue B


Gin Miller's New Body Workout

I felt this was overall a good workout, and a fun video. The aerobics was fun and won't bore you to death. However, the aerobics section could have been a bit longer. Gin Miller has excellent queing; however, sometimes I felt her chatter to be a bit annoying even though it didn't interfere with her queing. The toning portion contained a good mix of muscle groups.

I only paid $13.95 for this video - I feel it is a good addition to my collection.

Kathy Lapinski