MTV's The Grind: Fitness With Flava

Tina Landon
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I really enjoyed the workout when I first bought it (as a 16 year old girl). It was fun - it still is. Although after awhile I noticed I was sweating as much as I used to. It can get old. If you just want a fun dance workout, this is it. If you want a real workout, try something else.



My comments about the grind workout video is that I love it! it's a good video for who likes to dances and who's a starter to becoming a dancer. I think, the way Tina landon choreographer the video was a great job. She does a great job in all her stuff she does in dancing! But, I really like the video. I do it almost everyday now! I've done it so much that, I don't need the video anymore because I know it by heart! But, I hope they as in tina and eric keep coming out with new dances workout video. Because I enjoy buying more and doing it! love You Guys, Thock. K.

Instructor Comments:
Well, I would like to say that. I love tina landon! And I think she is a very, very, good choreographer! I love her moves and her style of dancing. My dream is to become a " professional dancer"!! I hope one day if I make it, I hope I can work with her and the lights with Janet Jackson. I think or should Tina Landon would please...come out with her own video dances workout. I "love" that girls moves and style!! I wish her luck on her career and I want to say you keep up with that great work you do, And that I'm a big fan of yours and that I will always beee.....!! Love Your Style, Thock.K

thock khemmanvianh


I am just getting back in shape, after a pregnancy. I took two years to get started. I brought this tape thinking it would be fun. I am 32, and I don't know if it's my age, but I could not get over this woman's hair. It was just too weird, and then there was all this "YO Ho, Yo Ho " I just wanted to puke. I sold it at a yardsale for 1 buck, and had to warn the lady that brought it. She said she might like it, I told her to enjoy.



I loved this video so much cause i didn't mind doing it over every single day cause all the time i went back to do it, i would create another way to do the move. if others say it really doesn't make you sweat, this isn't for you, this video is for people that are good at danceing and love to work out! especially for 14 year old girls like me wanting to work-out.

Brandi Swystun


This video is a great deal of fun but it shows little or no improvement. It is one workout I would suggest you do if you just would like to have fun while working out. The moves seem hard at first but become relativly easy after you perform them a few times. The music is great. It creates a friendly environment and might I add, Eric Nies gives all the encouragement one lady would need!

Instructor comments: I must say, the first thing I noticed about her is the hair. You would have to see it for yourself. She knows the moves quite well. She made a definite improvement from the last instructor.

Lena Basha


(Beginner/Intermediate-Floor Aerobics, Stretch)

I had been very pleasantly surprised by "The Grind: Hip Hop Aerobics", Collage rated this sequel as "intermediate", and it was only $10.99 at Blockbuster... after all that, what a letdown. While "Hip Hop" was definitely Better Than Expected, "Flava" is Just What You'd Expect from MTV - M as in Mediocre.

Lynda Nader, the competent instructor on "Hip Hop", is replaced on "Flava" by video choreographer Tina Landon. Tina, besides having the all-time worst hairdo I've ever seen on an instructor, is a little too, well, MTV-ish (as in: phony) and she gives almost no pointers on form. The practically non-existent warm-up, consisting of some feeble marching, is followed by very old-fashioned stretches that have you dangling your head upside down for the most part. I don't know how safe this is, but it does make it almost impossible to follow the instructions. As in "Hip Hop", the Grind dancers then take over, each one showing off a dance step which are all built into one long combination. The dancers and their moves are fun and funky, but the routine is hampered by poor camerawork that spends too much time on the dancers' faces rather than their feet. The ending "yoga stretch" is the best part of the tape, and perhaps the only part I'll ever view again. Suddenly Tina goes into instructor mode and describes exactly how to position your body. If only she had done this during the rest of the video!

If you're interested in a dance-club workout, pass up "Flava" and go for the original "Hip Hop Aerobics". Lynda Nader is a much better instructor, and the video is a fun "dessert" after your serious workout, or great for when you just need a quick pick-me-up.

Sue B