MTV's The Grind Fat Burning Grooves

Eric Nies
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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After having two children, and passing four years without exercising at all, I've started up again. I have a handful of aerobic videos but they are all sooo boring. This workout was fun, not too long and not too hard. Perfectly motivating for a beginner. I picked up the steps quickly. And will continue doing this video daily until I get enough strength/stamina to start the hip-hop tape. I like the music and really fell like I am dancing.



I think the warm up in this video is not as good as the Hip Hop tape and it lasts a little too long (11 minutes). If the warm up got my heart rate up a little more I would probably like it better. There's also little stretching after the warmup before the tape starts.

On to the workout section: Maybe it's because I haven't done this tape as many times as the Hip Hop tape, but I don't like it as well. The dance steps are easy to learn and just as fun, but I don't feel like I am "dancin' with 'em" as much as I do in the Hip Hop tape. There's one part when Erik talks over the lead instructor which really irritates me, but you don't do the Grind workouts and expect perfect cuing. I buy these kind of tapes to add a little variety to my collection. If you are looking for that kind of thing, then I would suggest buying the Hip Hop tape first over this one. But I'm going to keep this one around a little longer to see if it grows on me because I think it might.

Overall, a fun workout, but it doesn't get my heart beat up as much as the Hip Hop tape. rating: C.

Julianne Johnston


Compared to the other Grind workouts this is the most fun. At time the music is hard to hear, so if the soundtrack is your only motive you may want to go with the first video. They only show the moves once, so you may want to watch before you try it. The aerobics section is only 23 minutes, I combine it with other short aerobics videos to get a longer workout. Oh, the camera is not always close to the dancers, so it can be confusing til you learn the routine.

Instructor Comments:
I think the instructor is friendly but At the same time conveys a sense of arrogance. She has perfect form but doesn't give many pointers. The instructions are given in part by the dancers.

Mereney Bb