Move to Lose

Chris Freytag
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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This is a two-disk set featuring ten short workouts, similar to the Quick Fix or 10-Minute Solution format (complete with on-screen clock counting down the time). There is a third bonus disk which has a recording of a lecture Chris gave on health and nutrition.

The disks both feature 5 segements upper body, lower body, Pilates, cardio, yoga) each ten minutes long. The workouts are different on each disk; that is to say, you two different upper body sections, two lower body, two cardio etc. Some of the strength sections use bands (you could sub weights, although she does not show this modification) and some use the stability ball. Both cardios sections use the step, although has a modifier doing without.

I found both of cardio workouts extremely easy, both in choreography and intensity, and cardio is not even really my thing. It was basic steps side to side, up and down on the step etc. sometimes changing the arm movements. She does use the 'take it from the top' approach she has used in her other workouts, where you elarn a move then add on then go back to the beginning. In a aowrkout this short though, it is not as big an issue. I could never see myself doing these on their own or choosing them as a workout if I was not already using the disk for something else. But to add on to a strength and yoga section to round off my workout to 30 minutes, it's fine.

The strength work was pretty good for a short workout. She does proper sets where you work for a set number of reps. Usually there is a second pulsing set too. One of the lower body workouts was mostly floorwork and it was not as intense. I enjoyed both upper body sections although I used weights instead of the band.

I did not do the pilates as that is not my thing, but I did both yoga sections and loved them. I am really inflexible and not very good at yoga. I find her teaching style and selection of poses very accessible for a basic stretch routine. It was very similar to the short yoga section (also ten minites) on her Get Moving disk, so if you have that and like it, you'll like these too. If you are mroe flexible or better at yoga than me, you will likely find it very easy though :)

Overall, I am pleased with the purchase. I seem to be using them so far as a two-day split, with upper/cardio/yoga one day and lower/cardio or abs/yoga the next. If you find it very overwhelming to plan a routine that incorporates cardio and stretching and strength work in a short workout time, you might really like this set! But is IS geared to the beginner, and the strength work can be modified up quite easily by adding weights, but the cardio and yoga is not so easy to make harder. I'll keep this because I need this level for the yoga and am happy to have a way to round out my workout time with some bonus toning-type stuff while I'm at it. But it might not fill a niche for everyone.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Chris, especially for yoga and strength work. She is very personable and teaches well. Her 'take it from the top' approach to cardio though can get a little boring.