Marilu Henner's Dance Aerobics

Marilu Henner
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Music: instrumental aerobic
Length: 53 minutes. 5 minute motion warmup, 5 minute stretch, 23 minutedance, 5 minute cooldown dance. 10 minute fast abs & buns floor workout. 5minute stretch.
Energy Level: moderate
Choreography: complex
Production: plain

I'm not sure why I bought this since I have never liked Henner. Maybe I wasjustdesperate for something new. Henner says she has taught dance and she does showeach dance'sstep in slow motion, but I've had a lot of trouble learning them---especiallysince I really, really,really do not like the music which I can't even categorize: to my untrained ear,in most of thesegments it sounds as if they're repeating the same four or 8 bars over andover and over andover and over and over.....

Henner works out with her brother and sister-in-law, each working at adifferent level.There are three dance segments. The third has two sequences of steps with a skipand then a hopwhich I couldn't get, and the "fast" version of one routine can't be doneslowly...but otherwisethe simpler versions will work ok. Henner also has her own ideas about preparingfor the workoutand about food which you may or may not find useful. The nicest thing I can sayabout this tape isthat Henner is often breathless, which makes me feel much better. (In all myother tapes, theinstructors seem able to workout at high intensity levels without getting theirpulse rates up by asingle beat.)

Diane Danielle