Lower Body Solution - Gazelle

Tony Little

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I bought the cheap version of the Gazelle (glider type cardio equipment) at Walmart but it's a boring (IMO) workout without something to motivate me so I shopped around online and finally found a 3 pack of videos made for the Gazelle. I think these were intended for the 'big' model with the resistance but in this video he doesn't fiddle with the resistance that I can tell or say anything about it. The total workout is 30 minutes and the warmup and cooldown are not included in this time(clock starts after the warmup and stops then the cooldown begins). A clock is in the lower left corner of the screen the whole time. It's just Tony on his Gazelle with a funky setting and I think the music is motivating. He talks non-stop which actually helps pass the time. Talking about how you always feel good after exercising (maybe not during but definitely after) and shows a woman in a bathing suit then says he's an 'equal opportunity offender' or something like that and shows a picture of a guy's butt in jeans..another model on the beach..just brief flashes of other scenes scattered throughout. He also shows one of the ladies doing the gazelle sideways (inner thigh workout) and another guy with headphones clowning around and an overweight guy lifting weights on the beack incorrectly (just stuff to give you a visual break I guess).
Anyways, the workout itself. He starts you off slowly then you hold leg stretches on the gazelle (everything is on the gazelle). Then the clock starts and after 10 minutes he says 'beginners you're outta here' and a note on the screen says to cooldown a few minutes,stretch, etc. the rest keep going onto the intermediate level for another 10 minutes. after 20 min intermediates cooldown. advanced keep going for the whole 30 minutes then cooldown with him and he says you can get off the gazelle only if you keep walking around til your heartrate is down (his gazelle has a heartrate thingie, mine doesn't). Also, in the first 10 minute (beginner section) he stops and turns sideways on the gazelle to work the inner thighs and there are no turboglides(think that's his term for them). in the next 10 minutes there are 2 60 second turboglides and in the last 10 min there are 2 more that are 90 seconds. in these you go faster/more intensely. He does a low glide, up on toes glide, regular glide(dont remember his term for this one) but there are subtle differences and you feel it in differnt parts of the leg. In this one he only uses the handles for the stretches and these he holds for a few seconds several times and It hink this comes in the advanced 10 min but maybe the intermediate..not sure. I usually do the w hole 30 min and I can feel it in the legs later (I'm overweight and probably adv beginner at this time.been exercising for about 2 months regularly now). I dont' think I could use the gazelle every day (I know this is about the video and not the equipment) but the video helps me use this equipment. I couldn't do this without this and his other video in this set (butt kicking workout). the abs workout that comes in the set does NOT use the gazelle at all so I havent done it). One thing to note on the gazelle is that if your thighs are fat and they get sweaty it's not comfortable if you get my drift...luckily that problem isn't so bad for me anymore. but for overall motivation and making this exercise bearable I give him high marks.

Instructor Comments:
Very chatty, goofy, motivating , joking around while exercising(typical Tony Little)