Lose Fat Fast Cardio & Self-Hypnosis

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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tamilee does this cardio
workout alone, on a beach, in the sun, and she is sporting quite a tan, which might be a bit much for some people.
tamilee is still lovely, fit, and a pleasure to workout with.

for the cardio workout, she does 4 (i think it was) low impact floor
aerobic combos. the first is your usual aerobic moves... the second is front kicks and side kicks... the third is a bit dancier with mambos and turns. she takes the combos 'from the top' a couple of times and finally, for the last combo, she puts all of the segments together in one big TIFT.

between the cardio combos, tamilee does some toning moves with what she refers to as a 'sports band' which is continuous, like a big elastic. the band is small though, as she is able to bunch it up in her hand and hold it while she
does cardio. i dont have one of those so i tried to substitute with tubing but it didnt work out that well.

first she puts the band around her legs and steps out for squats and side leg lifts. she changes over to do the other side so quickly that i couldnt position the tubing on the other leg in time so i just did the exercises without resistance. there also would not be enough time to put on ankle weights... the toning segment is so short that there is not much point in it.

actually all of the toning segments are too short to really do anything, imo. however, it is like tamilee tries to use the toning stuff as a way to bring your heartrate down between
cardio segments in order to produce an interval effect.

she also uses the band to do rear leg lifts, hamstring curls, bicep curls and tricep presses. not many reps (one set of 8 i think it was). i did use my tubing for the biceps and triceps but again i dont felt like i got much out
of it because of the low number of reps.

this portion of the workout lasts 30 minutes and then there is a 7 min ab routine which i thought was good and gave me some burn. tamilee usually has good ideas for ab exercises!

the workout ended with a 3 minute stretch for a total of 40 minutes.

also on the dvd are 2 hypnosis sessions... i think that each one is 20 minutes. i did listen to one of them for a while and seemed fine... would be good to do right before bed... but one is instructed to look at photos
of flowers and such on the tv during the meditation and i find it better to close my eyes and listen to that type of thing, especially while in bed. tamilee doesnt narrate these... it is some other woman doing the voice-over.

Instructor Comments:

Carolyn Visser