Rashelle Haines

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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The video was great and when I got it, it was on sale so I bought the original lifelift and lifelift work out 1. They were pretty much the same except they had different postitions. I personally don't think it is worth buying any more than the first one for the simple fact that the moves are basically different stretches and once you see the first one you would be able to make up your own stretches.
I don't know if this 'breathing exercise' works though. I was told by Rashelle through email that most people will lse inches in the first week of doing this every day for 20 min. It was easy enough to do (felt kinda silly at first, but it was funny). I did the exercises for 1 week and took my measurements before and after. I may have lost up to 3 inches but it is hard to tell because when I started the exercises I was on my period so I may have been bloated when I first to my measurements and also when I measured my arms I realized that depending on how I held he tape measure the measurements would be different. I personally do not think I lost anything. I have heard of slow losers and I guess a week really isn't enough to base judgement on, but I was under the impression I would see results in 1 week.
However, like bodyflex (which is similar I hear) it should be done on an empty stomach and perferably in the moring. I was doing them whenever, which was usually after I got off work at around 11pm or midnight. I do think that may have effected the outcome.
I say give it a try if you want, but don't keep your fingers crossed to tightly. It might work for some people, but it might not work for everyone.

Instructor Comments:
Rashelle Haines was a very good instructor. Her voice was calming and very convincing. It was relaxing to listen to her. She went over all of the moves in her videos in detail and left very little question as to if you were doing it properly. She herself is in very great shape for her age and appeared to be getting a workout from what she was teaching. I was impressed with her form of instruction. It might not be foreverone however, if you are the type of person who wants loud and demanding instruction, that is not what she does. To each their own however.