Kripalu Yoga Dynamic

Stephen Cope
Year Released: 1999

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a long, s-l-o-w, yoga workout (available at It's over an hour of hatha-style postures. You hold each pose for a while, and then there are resting poses in between each one. As a power/Ashtanga person, I found this workout too slow, and got really antsy for it to either move on or end. Also, it's not vigorous like power yoga, even though you see many of the same postures. Kripalu yoga, I've learned, is supposed to be more meditative and reflective. I'm certain lots of VFers would salivate over this workout, but if you're a power yoga guru, you'll probably be bored.

The video is well-produced and even comes with a mini-chart demonstrating the postures. You never see the instructor (he's just a voice), but there are lots of class participants, so there's no lack of someone to follow. I rank this workout an A even though it's not my style.

Annie S.