Ab Hits

Cathe Friedrich
Year Released: 2001

Categories: Abs/Core

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This is one of the most-used DVDs in my collection since I tag on abs to most workouts. This is a compilation of abs sections from Cathe's workouts up to 2001, including Max Intensity Strength, the Slow & Heavy series, Cross Train Express and Pure Strength. Workouts vary in length from 6 to 15 minutes; all are floor-based (no standing abs here!), and some have planks and/or back extensions/Supermans in addition to standard crunches, oblique twists and reverse crunches. The only equipment you need is a mat; none of the workouts use weights or a band, and the 6-8" Step which is used in a few of the workouts to prop up your feet is VERY optional.

The DVD has some premixed workouts combining planks from one workout with traditional crunches from another. You can also mix and match segments from workouts. This is probably not the DVD for anyone who's eliminated crunches from their abs workouts; but if you do a lot of them, this is a great DVD for its variety.

Instructor Comments:
Cathe is very professional and clear in her cues on this DVD.



i was looking for a good ab workout and found it on this dvd. it contains abdominal and core conditioning from 12 of cathes workouts that are very tough and very effective. i have found that after only a session of 8 minutes the next day my abs are burning. since i have very weak abs i feel that this dvd will give me the results i was looking for

Instructor Comments:
this is my first cathe workout and i cant really comment on the instructor the only thing i can say is that cathe ab workouts are very tough



This is a lower body strengthening/toning workout, consisting of about 10 minutes of standing work using the step, 20 minutes (approx) of floor work with ankle weights, and a warmup and cooldown.

I just do the floorwork, because I really didn't find the standing work very intense. It would be very good for beginners, though.

The floorwork consists of outer thighs, inner thighs, and hamstrings. She does lots (and lots) of reps with low weight. I found myself getting a little bored. I love doing floorwork for the legs, but I like a little more variety. In this tape, she basically just does the same exercise for several minutes at a time.

Since this is one of the earlier Cathe tapes, they use the "fake beach" background, and there is lots of whooping.

Although this is not a "bad" tape, I will be putting it on the exchange. There are several other lower body tapes that I have that keep me more interested and/or provide a better workout. I'll give this one a B-.

This DVD is incredible - it features 12 Ab workouts from different Cathe tapes (MIS, Pure Strength, CTX, BodyMax, etc)

Workouts range from 6-12 minutes in length, and feature a variety of upper ab, plank and lower ab work

The immediate comparison that comes to mind with this tape is the Firms 5 Day Abs. Ab Hits seems MUCH more difficult then 5 Day Abs. Ab Hits features planks, which are absent from 5 Day Abs, and which are incredibly tough.

The major "pros" of this DVD is the versatility (lots of workouts and a good menu selection to mix and match from), its ability to deliver results, and the amount of workouts on it.

The major "con" is that her ab workouts tend to be very upper-ab focused. Firm 5 Day Abs delivers much more in the way of lower ab work, so in order to get a complete workout, you would probably have to alternate between Ab Hits and Firm 5 Day (or another lower ab workout) to deliver balanced results

DD1 (Deanne)