Keoni's Rock 'n' Hula

Keoni Atkinson
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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What a gem of a workout! I've only viewed this, not actually done it, but I have no doubt there are a lot of beginning aerobicisers who would kill for this video. This is a 35-minute lower-impact beginning aerobics workout with hula moves. The music and production quality are outstanding. It's shot on a Hawaiian beach with Keoni leading a large class of both male and female exercisers. Keoni doesn't cue much, he expects you to just follow along (which shouldn't be too difficult). Songs include Sugar Shack, Surfin' USA, Rock Around the Clock, and many other oldies but goodies -- and all are the original artists. There is one somewhat goofy (but short) section, where Keoni himself plays the ukelele and sings. But anyone doing this is probably having so much fun they're likely to sing along with him. I can't find a publication date, but it looks pretty recent.

I can see this appealing to those who like Richard Simmons and some of the other beginning-level instructors. I would love to see an advanced workout like this -- it might even beat out Christi Taylor in fun factor (is that blasphemous?).

Unfortunately, I don't know where to get this tape. I've seen it every once in awhile on eBay, and I think Amazon used to carry it, but I can't find it there anymore. But if you're a beginner looking for some major fun, keep your eyes open and snap this up as soon as you see it.

Annie S.