Jig Don't Jog

Missy Becker
Year Released: 1993

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is an okay change-of-pace video. It seems to have been made in the '80s but I cannot confirm that: The women wear '80s style leotards, while the man, who is apparently performs Irish folks songs in a "Hooked on Classics" style (ie, synthesized sounds with a strong beat) in real life.

While the box says it incorporates some elements of Celtic dance, there is only one step that even vaguely like an Irish jig (and even that uses a lot of basic aerobic arm work). The workout itself is higher impact but doable. It is nothing more than your generic aerobic workout for 30 minutes and a 15 minute cooldown.

The only standout to this video is that the scenery changes for each song and the trio actually works out in the streets and countryside of Ireland (to the amusement of passersby in one scene!). Apparently there are scenes from each county there.

In general, choose this video if you want a decent, basic workout with something other than the routine cast in a studio. Do not expect to learn about Irish dance in any way but do enjoy the scenery and the music, which while not authentic, is okay to listen to while you're working out.

Instructor Comments:
Missy Becker is your generic instructor: enthusiastic and energetic. She is easy to follow. The only complaint I have is she "whoo"s too often, at the same place each chorus of the music.

Laura B