Traci Lords
Year Released: 1988

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is the worst exercise video I've ever seen.

The set is like a living room with two couches, window, painting and lamp. Traci does the exercises on the carpeted floor. There are two background exercisers, one male. There is voiceover and it is chaptered.

My complaints are mostly due to the rhyming and lack on warning on what is coming next. Saying "change" doesn't tell me enough.
It was just awful.

Instructor Comments:
There is almost no instruction and she rhymes the instruction she does give, such as "work our hips from side to side, til there's no more fat to hide." Traci looks like a frantic Barbie in this video.



Okay, lately I've been fascinated by little known workouts that I run across at various places. I picked this one up at Borders last night for $5.00. It's pretty terrible. I only tried the Calorie Burner from the Rotation & Motivation Series, but that was enough to show me how horrible this workout series is. People can have varying taste with regard to whether they like a particular instructor or certain choreography, etc., but who on earth is this workout marketed for when the instructors aren't coordinated, can't cue and can't keep time to the music? I kept thinking if they had had someone leading this workout who was a little more fit, who could cue better and keep time to the music and if the music were a little better, it could have been an okay workout. But then again, I guess that makes it a completely different workout, doesn't it?

P. S. There's also a section led by Traci Lords - I only took a peek - that's all I could stand...

Instructor Comments:
There were 2 women and one man. They each took turns leading the workout. One of the women did a passable job. The other woman and the man were terrible. Not only could they not cue, they were uncoordinated to boot.