Instant Workout

Kathy Smith
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This video is only worth owning for the stretch section, IMO. The weight section misses many of the upper body muscles and is too short for an effective total body workout in 20 minutes. It would be good for a fast lower body tape, but I have others I like better that are short for that. The cardio section is a joke!

I have keep this video for the sttretching segment only. The routine starts out with some rythmic motion to loosen up. This part makes my back & upper body feel good. It isn't too much, if you are tired and just want to stretch. It is gentle and flowing and contains a lot of back rounding which feels great. The music is a soft piano, and toward the end it sounds as if there is a harp playing also. The set is pure white.

After the short standing part, you sit on a mat and stretch the neck from side to side. It was held just long enough, but would have liked it to be a bit longer. Then more back stretches rounding over and hamstring stretches which again stretch out the sides of your back.

After the sitting part, you lay on the floor and stretch your hamstring, then bend your knee in and stretch your glute, then do a spinal twist and repeat. You also lay facing the ceiling to stretch your inner thighs. After this you roll over and stretch your quads one side at a time. Then you do some stretches for the back again by putting one arm underneath your other arm (Lilias calls this threading the needle, I believe) and it feels really good on your lats and upper shoulders. After each arm you stretch your chest which is hard to describe. Kathy even has some lower back extensor work included.

I would recommend this video for a stretch tape, but not the other two workouts. I give that section only an A. The rest get an F.



Three 20-minute workouts (one toning, one cardio and one stretch) that can be done separately or together. Each has its own warmup and cooldown. The production is lively and colorful, and Kathy is as warm and enthusiastic as ever. The stretch section is particularly good. Small dumbbells can be used for the toning. Grade: A

Sue B