Hula for Health

Patricia Lei Anderson
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Instructional / How To Videos

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This video features a cast of women who are of various ages, body types, and dancing styles, all devoted to the ancient dance of Hula. It helps to have a basic understanding of Hula before starting, because there is minimal instruction of how to do the moves correctly. And Patricia's suggestion to do the video while watching it in a mirror is plainly odd. (They should have "flopped" the image instead, so that it would be easy to Hula in the proper directions.) Since few people are actually going to perform Hula, I think it's fine to mirror the movements. The movements are simple enough to pick up after a few tries. And Beginners may find their thighs and calves burning a bit during the routine from the control that's required in the legs to stay in proper position throughout the routine. In the final sequence (a cool down of sorts), no instruction is given. This would be OK if the camera didn't keep cutting away to images of the beauty you find in the Hawaiian Islands. You can't see what Patricia is doing at times and have to guess or make up your own movements. (Maybe that was the idea?) The dances demonstrated after the routine are fun to watch. (One particular Muumuu/Holoku is, I think, very beautiful.) This is a lovely workout for days when you want to take it very easy.

Instructor Comments:
Patricia is a former Miss Hawaii. Her love for Hula radiates from her throughout the video as do her personal serenity and joy. The cueing and instruction is minimal.