Hip Hop Aerobics

Donna Richardson, Tracy York, Pepper Von, Nancy Popp, Joel Greco
Year Released: 1994

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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"Spoon-fed hip-hop aerobics" is what this 50-minute workout should be called. During the opening credits, they show the Pros dancing fast and furious. But workout, unfortunately, is nothing like that. First, the pros assure us that hip-hop aerobics is just like regular aerobics, "but with a little more attitude." After a long (about 9 minutes) warm-up and stretch led by Tracy and Nancy, the workout begins. Pepper, Donna and Joel each teach a segment. Within each segment, the moves are broken down and taught add-on style, and repeated over and over and over...After Donna teaches her segment and we start from the top with Pepper's segment, suddenly...the camera cuts away to Nancy, asking us if we're OK and to take it easy if we're not! I found this to be very annoying. Finally, after all three segments have been taught, the Pros run take it from the top only twice before going into the cool-down and stretch. For some bizarre reason, push-ups are included at the end too. Because of the way the workout is taught, it is very easy to follow. Some of the moves were fun. But the repetition really detracted from this workout. And I barely broke a sweat because of that too. I think the hip-hop section could have had more moves, without sacrificing length, if there wasn't so much repetition. Finally, the set--I never watched ESPN Fitness Pros when it was on TV, but this set is hideous--it looks like Barney exploded. It's *that* purple.

Instructor Comments:
The Fitness Pros for this workout are: Tracy York, Nancy Popp, Joel Greco, Donna Richardson and Pepper Von. All of the Pros provided competent instruction, but Donna and Pepper stood out. They were fun, and they appeared to be having a great time--they really deserve their own hip-hop workout tape!

Elaine C.