Hip Hop Abs: Fat Burning Cardio

Shaun T.
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This 30-minute cardio routine begins with a 4-minute warm-up that includes side-to-side steps, slides, pumps forward and back, and some simple stretches. The first combo, "Party Bounce," is about 6.5 minutes and consists largely of variations on the basic pump. Next is the "Night Fever" combo (6 mins), which offers the throw-down, grapevine, press the floor, and a double arm pull-down. This is followed by the "Get Busy" combo (6 mins). Exercises included are the uprock (heels forward), the get busy sequence, and roll out. The last combination is the 4.5-minute "Freak Out." This starts with kick it and then moves into the "Freak" side step, with several different variations of this. The 2-minute cool-down is QUICK: Shaun takes a few breaths and then moves through some brief stretches for the lower back and neck.

Instructor Comments:
Shaun's mirrored cuing is excellent, and he frequently offers helpful form pointers, although they sometimes come in the midst of his raps/rhymes.

Beth C (aka toaster)


Works :)

Instructor Comments:



This workout is about 30 minutes, and I really enjoy it. It is pretty easy - I would say the intensity and the choreography are both beginner-level, but I have two left feet and am just getting serious about exercising after a bit of a hiatus, so it works for me. I'll probably always use this video on my easy days because it is so much fun. The music is pretty good - it inspires me to move - and you have the option of turning it up louder.

This does have the usual countdown clock that is standard on most of the Beachbody DVDs I have used.

I bought the Hip Hop Abs set from Beachbody. It includes two DVDs with one longer workout called Total Body Burn that I also like, and it is a bit harder (I'll review it separately). As I do the rest of the videos I will review those as well.

Instructor Comments:
I like Shaun T. He seems to be having fun, and that makes the workouts fun for me. He cues well, and the workout is over before I know it.

Debbie Smith-Wagar


Fat Burning Cardio is a wonderful video that gets your heart rate up, teaches you to do what is basically a standing crunch to lose inches in your waist and thighs. He focuses on strengthening your core as well as toning your abs in this video.

I love this series. I think they are great for a beginner who doesn't know where to start in working out. The moves get your heart rate pumping and from what I understand from others that are more advanced doing the videos, too, even if you do other types of workouts, this one will still get your heart pumping!

Instructor Comments:
I love the Hip Hop Abs Series. Shaun T is very good about giving instructions before you do the exercises and starting with something basic and working up to complex moves. He has 3 levels of workouts so you can start off as a beginner and work your way up to doing complex moves that are alot of fun. He has a girl that does modified versions for less advanced people and also a girl who goes "all out" and gets way into it for those that really want to push themselves.