Hi Lo Extreme

Amy Bento
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Hi/Lo Extreme is a lot of fun with great music as usual with Amy. Not too dancy, not too much hi impact, a very good balance of both. In previewing I thought it would take me some time to learn the moves but once I got going I had no trouble picking up the moves. I wish all instructors had Amys taste in music!

Instructor Comments:
Amys bright personality shines through again! She really seems to enjoy herself and I like that.



Hi/lo Xtreme is great fun. Amy has amazing energy and the music is very motivating. There is a modifier for low-impact variations - thank goodness! Amy does not break down the moves very much, but I got most of it on the first try. This is a nice mix for those of us who get bored with repetitive, athletic hi/lo, but anything too dancy becomes mind-bending and you don't get much of a workout from it. There are premixes with sections of Amy's All Pump Xtreme included. There's an hour, 52 minutes of strength training as a bonus! If you don't mind using your remote to find the sections, you have an excellent weight workout. Quite a bargain.

Instructor Comments:

Diane aka mtnmom


This video kept me at the high end of my heart rate for the whole hour. It was fun, easy to follow, the steps were varied and the music was very good (some songs were "I want to dance" awesome and others were o.k.) I have one very strong complaint, however. There was a lot of turning while running and side to side shuffling in this workout, and I quickly learned that even if you're in the best of shape like I am, this is NOT GOOD FOR THE KNEES. The two bones that meet at the kness separate a teensy, tiny bit every time you're going in one direction and then turn suddenly and too much of that can truly wreak havoc on your knees so be careful of that.

Instructor Comments:
I really like Amy. This is the thrid video I've done and I find her to be pleasant and fun to work out with. One thing I can definitely say about her workouts after doing three of them is that they get the job done without killing. You feel refreshed and strong after her workout, not exhausted and dead. I like her a lot.

Denise Berger