Gym in a Box

Leisa Hart
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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I really enjoy this DVD. It's not often that you get to purchase a decent comprrhensive DVD that is so well put together. I did not like the cardio portion at first. But it really does grow on you and now I LOVE it! It keeps your heart rate up! I would describe as cardio yoga and cardio pilates. I've never seen cardio like this before and I think I didn't like it because it was so different and untraditional but you really can feel it working your body like nothing I've ever tried before. It's different from anything I have ever tried and it does get my heart rate up.The moves are innovative and you could even say it's "strange" and "weird" but boy do they work! I think Leisa's cueing is right on-and the minor flubs are just that (and I have two left feet). Some people complain about the the "complicated" cardio but I never had a problem with it - and I'm choreography-challenged! The upper body toning is awesome, and the abs is again very different but you will feel it. The pilates is solid for the short time. The DVD options are amazing-so many choices! The music rocks on this DVD sort of like new age spanish rock and I'm addicted to it. The bun and thigh, upper body, abs and pilates portions are excellent and I really felt this the next day! I toned and tightened up so fast using just using this. You will think this DVD is very strange at first but give it a shot you will become just as addicted as I am to it! This program can really get you motivated.

Instructor Comments:
Leisa is down-to-earth and friendly. She cues well and shows proper form.



I had done this workout before and thought the aerobic section seemed very rushed. I thought I would revisit it today to see if my opinion had changed any, but it hasn't. Leisa seems to be in such a hurry in the aerobics section that it's extremely distracting. She's even slightly ahead of the music doing side touches. Some of the toning segments are fine, but I can't recommend this one because of the problems I have with the aerobics section.

Instructor Comments:



I just got this workout and I personally like it! I am an intermediate exerciser and I think workout will do well for beginners/intermediate levels. The format of the dvd is very similar to Karen Voight's Sleek Physique ( and also Michelle Dozois' 10 Minute Solution) but I like this better because the cardio workout is around 30 mins (including short warmup and cooldown). The low-impact cardio workout has around 3 segments which includes a rather unique dance style workout with flowing movements (not latin dance but more like ballet movements), athletic/kickboxing segment, and a fast pages pilates/yoga segment. A lot of lunges, squats and pulses ( She does a lot of pulses for her toning workouts as well). I wouldn't say that the cardio workout is very intense but I think it is more so than Karen Voight's Sleek Physique (Karen's workout is just around 20 mins cardio, which includes the warmup). However, I like Sleek Physique's yoga better. The additional segments include 10 mins upper body, 10 mins buns and thighs, 10 mins abs, 10 mins pilates (does a few twists and planks), 10 minutes yoga (yoga as stretch, not power yoga). I like the toning workouts because you can easily add intensity by using heavier weights. I believe if you do the entire 80 minute workout, you will get a very good workout. Haven't tried that yet though
The first section of the DVD is called Sleek in a Week. You get pre-programmed daily workouts for the entire week. From monday-saturday, the workouts last from 50-60 minutes. For saturday, it's just the 10 minute yoga stretch. It can be repetitious because you are doing the same cardio and toning workouts.
The second section of the DVD is called My Personal Trainer. It also contains pre-programmed daily workouts (using the same cardio and toning workouts)for the entire week but targets different fitness goals. So the choices are Body Blast, Bun Blast, Upper Body Blast, Awesome Abs, Stress Reduction, Mind Body, Time Saver, Fit It In, Take It Easy, Maintenance Plan and Customize Your Own Workout.
Leisa works out alone in a studio with some workout equipments as decor on each side of the studio (including her videos on display ). Music is pleasant and instrumental; not annoying at all. But I wish the dvd had a music-off option so I can play my own; it only has the music-only option. It's my first time to try Leisa and I like her. She is friendly, explains the movements clearly and cues very well. DVD includes nutrition program with recipes from The Rose Program (first time I heard about it).

Instructor Comments:
It's my first time to try Leisa and I like her. She is friendly, explains the movements clearly and cues very well.

Dawn aka SlimandFit