Great Moves: Hi/Lo

Kari Anderson
Year Released: 1995

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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What a delight! I found the choreography in this high/low workout to be great fun! It's not as difficult as the choreography in her other Great Moves hi/lo tape (is it 201?), but that's not to say it's boring by any means! The moves here are creative and interesting, but slightly easier to pick up than the ones in the other tape.

I really like the music on this one, too. It's all vocals that are very upbeat.

At the end, though, I found myself wanting to put it all together "one more time." I still had lots of energy, and could have used at least one more run-through, preferably a few more. The entire workout is about 35-40 minutes.

Most of the workout is high impact. If you like high/low that's mostly high, and you're intermediate or advanced, I highly recommend
this tape. It wins an A from me!

Annie S.


Both of these tapes have a similar format. They have short warm-ups and cooldowns and 30 minutes of aerobics. Even though the routines are taught more briefly than usual, they can be picked up fairly easily by the experienced exerciser. Sometimes coordinating the arm and leg movements can be difficult on the Hi/Lo tape. The choreography is in Kari's usual style, dancy but not overly complex. I like the one on one style of these tapes. These tapes are for the self-motivated, serious exerciser who doesn't need an MTV format, loud music and a gimmicky setting or costumes to be motivated to exercise. They are only 40 minutes each so they can be combined with a toning tape, like Kari's Tone It Up, for a total body workout.

Rebecca S.


I agree with Annie's review word for word, except that I slightly prefer the music in Great Moves 201. This is a highly enjoyable tape, and a bit easier to learn that Great Moves 201. These Great Moves videos are perfect when I want a slightly shorter but fun workout.



Kari will never disappoint you if you love floor aerobics. I purchased this after loving Great Moves II and love this tape just as much. It's about 33 minutes of solid aerobics with the standard jumping jacks, shuffles, pivots, turns. Typical Kari. I love it. Hoping for Great Moves III, IV, and on and on. I love these tapes because you can do them after NAC Interval Training to extend your aerobics to one hour if you feel the need to extend yourself to the max ("two the max"). Kari does a very short warm-up and very short cool-down which is just fine with me. Highly recommended.

maryann parker