Go-Go Robics

Pontani Sisters
Year Released: 2004

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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The Pontani Sisters are a well-known cabaret/burlesque act from New York City. This video is their second workout dvd. What can I say about this one? This is definitely a campy workout that requires that the exerciser not take him or herself seriously! This is definitely a low-budget production that looks like someone hung a few shiny sheets in a back room and commenced filming. However, the sisters are quite engaging and charming. Their outfits with fringes and go-go boots are a hoot! Frankly, it’s also nice to see a video with women who are proud of their curves and have no problems showing them off! I should also note that the video starts off with the Pontani sisters riding on horseback. As a bonus, there are 2 videos that feature the Pontani sisters’ act, as well as a cooking section, complete with recipes. Tara does the warmup, Angie leads the main workout and Helen finishes things off with the cooldown. All times are rough estimates.

The warmup (about 5 minutes) begins with a few deep breaths and stretching, which is a big no-no in my book (stretches should be saved for the end when your muscles are warm). However, this practice is pretty common among dancers, albeit with a bit more warmup. The stretching consists of side stretching and lots of stretching for the calves. I would definitely warmup more before doing the workout.

The main body of the workout is choreography for a song called “Barracuda” (almost 15 minutes). The choreography is fairly simple and is taught in sections. In fact, this is simple enough so that I was able to do the entire routine without practicing the individual sections. The sisters review each section (from the top) before progressing. The names of the moves are also noted at the bottom of the screen in case you forget what you’re doing. (On a related note, the names of the moves are really fun!) The first section consists of the ‘The Rising Sun”, Hehaw Pony, Baseball Swing and the Burlesque Bump. The second section has you ‘spelling out Barracuda’ with the music. It’s kind of cute! Section 3 consists of the Fancy Dancer Jog, Elvis Search and the Cheerleader Kick. In Section 4, you’ll rock out with the Jazzercise Throwdown, Purple Circle and the Ballerina Frug. Finally, in Section 5, you’ll do “Tara Ran the Marathon”, The Freddy, The Diggity Dog and go back to the spelling the Barracuda. (Note that some sections are repeated in the final routine.) The sisters review the entire routine with music (and with and without cues), which takes about 13-15 minutes.

Helen leads the very short cooldown (2 minutes). This consists of step touches, shoulder rolls and stretches for the shoulders and hamstrings.

Overall assessment: This is a fun, campy routine that doesn’t take itself seriously. This probably won’t provide a serious workout for most exercisers. If you’re looking for great production values, give this a pass. However, a beginning or low intermediate exerciser looking for a fun recovery day dance workout might enjoy this.

Instructor Comments:
Tara, Helen and Angie are fun and fabulous! They clearly are having a great time.



I saw this on Amazon.com and the reviews were good, so I decided to give it a try, cheesy cover and all :) It turned out to be really quite good for a beginner/intermediate. If someone just starting out were to get this, I think they'd have so much fun with it that they wouldn't feel like they were exercising. The Pontani Sisters, who I gather are Las Vegas performers, break down a series of dance moves and turn them into a combo. They're not dancy-dancy -- just "sorta" dancy. The music is the song "Chica Alborotada." They use pieces of the song to rehearse each piece of the combo, and then at the end, you put them all together and they play the whole song. I would recommend this to beginners/lower-intermediates because of the fun factor. Roughly, I think the intensity is probably about similar to a Richard Simmons workout. You can find this on Amazon.com (yes, they DO where those outfits during the workout!). Also, I just found the sisters' web site, and I see they have this on DVD for only $15 -- pretty good deal! Their web site is www.pontanisisters.com.

Instructor Comments:

Annie S.