G-Force Ultimate Hi/Lo

Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Darrin Grove
Year Released: 1997

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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The first time I did this tape, it discouraged me a lot. I couldnít do even Darrinís warm-up! Maybe I had a bad day or anything. But the fact is it takes me several times before I can get most of the routines down. Anyway, when I can do it, I like the warm-up in this tape. It is fun. But for the aerobics segment, I think that the Ultimate Step is so much better. How much I try, I still donít like Darrinís and Robís routines in this tape. Besides, the way they teach in this tape confuses me so much, especially Rob. It seems he takes forever to teach the switching or the so-called cross-country, and how to change from left to right to make the routine flows. And I guarantee that itís not such complex to take that long time. I am an intermediate exerciser. My heartrate does not raise much in Darrinís section and it plummets down with Rob. So I donít think it can do anything to your heartbeat for all you advance exercisers out there. Then comes my favourite Patrick G. His section is intense and go fast. His choreography is very good as usual. He does knee, running, knee, grapevine, heel-jack, knee turns, two jacks, and goes into ballet jumps. I really like those ballet jumps! I have a hard time keeping up with his fast-paced. As you see, the intensity in this workout is unbalanced between the first two and Patrickís last section. Iím afraid you must be a die hard G-Force fan to buy this tape.

Instructor Comments:
Patrick is my favourite of all time. I also like Darrin and Rob a lot too. These three guys are a great and incredible team.



FUN! This is a high/low workout, with each of the three instructors taking turns. Darrin starts, and his routine is very good. It is a balanced combination of high and low. Rob is next, and his routine is mostly low-impact. Rob takes WAY too long to teach his steps, though, and your heart rate will come down if you do what he does. So I turn it into high impact to keep my heart rate up. His combination, once he gets it finished, is also a lot of fun. Finally, there is my hero -- Patrick Goudeau. His workouts are so awesome! He doesn't waste any time here. He starts right in with a challenging (but not dancy) high-impact routine that is a total blast. At the end, you do all three segments together two or three times, and you're really cooking by then.

I love this workout, but I do have to criticize the middle section where Rob is teaching. I've seen him in other tapes, so I know he's no slouch -- but he is just TOO darn slow in this one. For example, do we really need to "learn" a box step and repeat it over and over? I think not. Since this is an intermediate/advanced tape, the audience knows a box step by now.

Despite the slow middle, I still have to give this one an A. (And Patrick's section gets an A++++!)

These guys are some of the most creative out there, without being too dancy or complicated. They're also very likeable.

Annie S.


I got this in a quest to find a really hard floor aerobic video and I guess this wasn't it. It's not bad, but not as hard as I wanted it to be. It has complex moves, but they repeat the segments so much that I was bored and wished they would add that segment on to what they had already taught you. This is rated Advanced in Collage, I would rate it Intermediate. A lot of you have done Donna-Mite, I would rate this a bit harder, but not much. If a beginner wants a harder workout, this would be OK, but I wouldn't recommend this to an advanced exerciser.

Doreen Bochmann