G-Force Cardio Combo

Rob Glick, Patrick Goudeau, Darrin Grove
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I bought this video awhile ago and
didn't use it much. Last week I pulled it
out and gave it another try. I've done it
3 times since! It took me the 3
viewings to get the choreography
down. Some of the G-Force videos
seem to take too long to break down
the routines, but this seemed better in
that respect.

The guys have a great rapport with
each other. Rob seems to be
loosening up and joking with the guys
more. It cracks me up every time I hear
his "Wave your arms in the air like you
just don't care!"

In terms of intensity, this video is not
super-intense. You can add instensity
by putting effort into some of the plyo
moves and kicks, but this ain't no
Cathe tape. It's a good video to do on
a lower intensity day. You also need
some side-to-side and forward-and-
back space. Patrick seems to like
running back and forth an awful lot in
his routines!

Instructor Comments:
The G-Force guys are a lot of fun. You
can tell that they're enjoying
themselves and love what they're
doing. While the quality of their videos
is uneven, they always make me smile.

Cathy Mark


Oh, no, my first not-good G-Force review! I hope this is my last, because normally I LOVE the G-Force tapes. This high/low workout, however, was a big disappointment. The idea is great – they combine dance, traditional aerobic, and kickboxing moves into one workout. It actually starts off really good. Darrin’s and Rob’s routines are fun, and fairly easy to pick up. But then Patrick (normally my favorite of the three) comes in with a routine that he frankly doesn’t teach too well. Be prepared for some frustration. If that’s not bad enough, at the end when you put all three combos together, the cueing is extremely poor and sometimes they don’t even cue it. It’s like major chaos at this point. Overall, the intensity is intermediate and it is mostly low-impact, which should appeal to some. But sorry, G-Force – I really tried to like Cardio Combo, but this only rates a C+.

Annie S.


I trust that VF’ers will forgive my hyperbole, but I feel that this tape is a masterpiece! (Well, at least it’s my current favorite.) The whole is greater than the sum of the parts—just like Ted Danson & Shelley Long in Cheers. It all just WORKS!

Darrin starts the warm up, using broken-down routines that he’ll incorporate later in his instruction. Rob leads his segment in his own style. Soon Darrin starts to cook. Then we get Patrick for dessert! Each instructor’s part is incorporated into the finale, which is so much fun it feels like a party.

You should allow time to learn this routine. I found it just challenging enough to keep my interest, but not to discourage me. But I was happy to take a few weeks, (Yes, weeks, but I only exercise for 30 minutes 3X/week) to learn this one.

All three instructors have come into their own over the years. (Why is it that men become MORE attractive with time, while we females….oh, well.) Even though some mistakes were made (no time for retakes, I guess) this comes off like a well thought-out and polished production. Like I say, the choreography and ambience just work!

The music is lively and fun, but I wish they wouldn’t recycle some of the same tunes within the hour-long production. I’d rather pay more to get more variety in music. This is really my only gripe with the tape.

The kickboxing aspect of the workout is incorporated into each instructor’s segment. I didn’t feel like I was really kickboxing-- just incorporating interesting moves into a fun and innovative dance routine. And dance they do! Each instructor is so different in his style of teaching and movement, it adds to the chemistry of the hour in that this viewer feels like I’m at a party with good friends, where I can be myself.

Addendum 7/4: I mentioned that the same tunes are played over and over in this one-hour workout. It bothered me only a little bit then, but it bothers me a whole lot now.

I don't know if this is standard procedure for G-Force or for CIA, but it really interferes with my enjoyment of what I recently considered a fun workout. Can't they afford enough music to fill the hour?

I've done 100-200 videos and I can't believe that I'm getting sick of a workout that I just wrote a rave review for.