Getting Fit in Jerusalem (aka Best of Bodies In Motion III)

Gilad Janklowicz
Year Released: 1998

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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It seems that everyone has this video on their wish list, but nobody has reviewed it yet! So I guess I am the first.

As a video exerciser who has just crossed the threshold from beginner to intermediate, I have to say that this video is great. If you are familiar with Gilad's aerobics and toning moves from his TV show or from other videos, then none of the routines will surprise you. Very basic, athletic-style movements (some high-impact), with a couple of kickboxing moves tossed in.

What makes this video special is the production. The scenery is amazing(obviously). There is a live band playing cool Middle Eastern style music that is an interesting change of pace from the usual video soundtrack. Also, there are some very funny shots of a Bedouin leading a camel who occasionally wanders onto the set. The only thing I could have done without is the shimmying bellydancer who winds up each section, but she is not on for long enough to really bug me.

I really felt as if I'd gotten a good workout from this tape. My heart rate stayed in the target zone throughout the aerobic section (which is 25 minutes) Gilad doesn't use weights in the toning parts, but I did and got a minor pump. I'm not sure I will be doing the toning portions much, since I rely on the FIRM for my strength training. Other than that, it's a keeper!

Instructor Comments:
As always, super-motivating. Good cuing and good attention to form. I also like the segments in which his mom, Ora, participates.

Sasha Castel


The Best of Bodies in Motion, by Gilad, is by far the best of the 63 videos I have. It is an hour and 20 minutes and has aerobics and toning of every body part. in addition, I get really bulky easy and this is the only video that keeps my legs slim and muscular instead of bulky.



Gilad fans should check out this video. One of Gilad's trademarks is his use of exotic outdoor locations, and this one is no exception. As the title makes clear, the setting is Jerusalem, rather than Hawaii. The workout is a compilation from episodes of his Bodies in Motion show, and is filmed on a rooftop overlooking the city. There is a lot of local flavor, with a live band playing Middle-Eastern style music, a bellydancer, and a man and his camel. The camel is cute and is featured prominently throughout the video. The cast is made up of locals; all appear to be young, fit, and having fun. The only familiar face from Gilad's cast of regulars is his mother, who appears in several segments. On a couple of occasions she takes a wrong step, and I found Gilad's interaction with her rather endearing.

The workout begins with a warm up, followed by about 5 minutes of standing lower body toning and some upper body toning for the shoulders and back. Gilad does not use any weights, although you can if you like. I don't use weights, as I do this workout primarily for the cardio benefit. However, I have on occasion used a Dynaband for the upper body work.

The cardio section runs for 25 minutes, and has high and low impact moves. As you can expect from Gilad, there is no fancy footwork, just basic calesthenics-style aerobics. Since this is a compilation, the aerobic workout is broken up into separate segments from different episodes, and I find that the variety holds my interest.

Following the aerobics is a 15 minute segment of abdominal work and a short floorwork routine. The workout concludes with a cool down and stretch, which is too short for my tastes, so I just add on here.

This is a workout that will be best enjoyed by Gilad fans, and advanced beginners or intermediates who don't want dancy steps. Advanced exercisers who don't need complex footwork may also enjoy this one, and could add more intensity to the routine, or do it as is for a lighter day. As an intermediate, I find this to be an enjoyable workout that raises my heart rate without leaving me completely worn out by the end.

Instructor Comments:
Gilad is one of my favorite instructors, and his good personality really shows here. He is always enthusiastic and motivating in the drill instructor style, yet at the same time non-intimidating, easy-going and cheerful. He is very handsome and charming. In his videos, Gilad typically has a good rapport with his cast, with just enough friendly banter and good-natured teasing to make him seem approachable, without becoming annoying after repeat viewings. He has a good sense of humor.

Mary K.


The dvd consists of a warm up some non-weighted upper body toning, then a 25 hi/lo aerobic section, followed by some no weighted lower body work and a 1 1/2 minute stretch.
The video states it is int/adv. I found it to be high beginner/low intermediate, but only if the moves are modified up.
I used wts on the toning and did the majority of the floor work as higher impact.
The music is pretty neat and the scenery is beautiful.

Instructor Comments:
Cues as he moves, but the moves are not hard so he is easy to follow. Keep ones attention with his whistles. Easy on the eyes.