Get Down The Pounds

Richard Simmons
Year Released: 1996

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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The "dance your pants off" aerobic tape is very different. You can tell it is geared toward all types of people (from obese to physically fit). You get a good workout but you don't have all the jumping and jarring that typical aerobics can have. He starts you out slow, warms you up, stretches and works up to the heavy workout. By the end of the tape I am soaking wet but I feel exhilerated, not exhausted. I get more done on the days that I do this tape. It is a jumpstart.

The toning videos (one for upper body and one for the lower body are also unique. He uses these elastic toning rings, you get the resistence without the weight. It is easy on the joints and muscles. I have never had much definition in my arms or my legs and just after 5 weeks I can tell a difference. I alternate the aerobic tape one day and the toning videos the next. I look forward to the toning because I like what I am seeing and I can target specific muscle groups that really need the work.

I would recommend these tapes to anyone, regardless of size - even if you have never exercised before. They do work!!!

Debbie Ivey


This is a three video set for the beginning to intermediate exerciser. The videos include: Dance Your Pants Off, Toning Uptown and Toning Downtown.

I live to dance and with Get down the Pounds you will do mostly that. I feel at the weight I am the movement is doing good. My alternative was sitting on the couch watching the video. I love the 80's music and if you do to then this is the dance video for you.

Sherry Franzell