Generation Xercise: Cardio Club DJ Workout

Debra Minghi
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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---and--- Generation Xercise: Gospel Moves Workout and Generation Xercise: Gospel Moves Workout

I'm reviewing both of these videos together, because my comments pretty much apply to both of them equally. I had never before heard of these workouts or the instructor, but I saw them on eBay for a great price and decided to satisfy my curiosity. These are not videos I'll ever do, but I think there are some out there who might really like them. They are both dance-based and at a beginner level intensity-wise. Both are, for the most part, low impact. The instructor, Debra Minghi, teaches you short combos with names -- such as Raising the Roof, Sacred Ground, and many more. After you learn them, you put them together into one long routine. Now, as an extremely dance-impaired person, I think even I would be able to handle these moves, although I would probably struggle a bit and I would *never* look like the instructor. Of all the dance-based videos I've seen, I think these have moves that are more "natural" to non-dancers. Don't get me wrong -- if you are a dancer, you'll have a blast -- but if you're not, at least you would be able to adequately imitate the moves. Some dancy videos just kind of leave you in the dust, if you know what I mean. I'm not sure what style of dancing you would call this -- modern is the only thing I can think of.

Both workouts have original music. Cardio Club DJ is, according to the box, "underground sound." There is a live DJ playing the music. The Gospel Moves is, of course, gospel music, and there is a live gospel choir singing and playing the music. The video style is MTV-ish -- meaning they do weird things with the lighting and camera. (Weird to me, anyway!) There are several background exercisers. Some of them look like they might have a dance background, and others look like "regular" people.

The intensity, as mentioned above, is definitely beginner. If you are intermediate or advanced, but love to dance, you might like to do them just for fun. But I think the real value would be for someone who likes to dance, but hasn't started an exercise program because they don't think it would be any fun. If you know someone in that category, these might be just the ticket for them.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where to buy these. They are copyrighted 2000, so I think they are pretty new. If so, they may show up in a future Collage catalog. I looked at the producer's web site (, and they did have some videos, but not these and nothing remotely related to exercise. You can always watch eBay to see if some more pop up there.

In summary, I have to give both of these an A for creativity and uniqueness.

Instructor Comments:
No one will ever characterize Debra Minghi as being shy or self-conscious! She's totally at ease and enthusiastic. Her bio on the box says she is a choreographer for MTV. She seems to be very creative and very good at putting together aerobic dance classes.

Annie S.