Funk It Up

Charlotte Williams
Year Released: 1991

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This tape takes a more instructional approach than usual to funk dance. Charlotte begins with a rather lengthy lecture on how to add funk mannerisms to basic steps, uses the warmup to demonstrate some of the most basic ones (chest isolations, arm movements) and then shows off a variety of funk moves during the 35 minute workout. Instead of creating long combos, Charlotte puts together a couple of steps and shows how to vary them up or down in intensity, repeats them a few times, then moves on quickly to the next steps, much like in Strong and Smooth Moves or Kathy Smith's floor workouts. Production-wise, Funk It Up is a notch above Charlotte's other one-hour funk workout, Power Dance Mix, with its snappy set decorated with road signs, better sound, and catchier music including hits like "Super Freak". Power Dance Mix is a better choice for advanced exercisers who are used to complex combos, but Funk It Up might be good for dance-challenged intermediates who want the most painless, hand-holding instruction. Charlotte is easy to follow and occasionally funny - I like her "doo-wipe" step! For intermediates, I give it an A.

Sue B