Fitness Plus

Suzy Aiken
Year Released: 1992

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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(Note: This video is available in PAL Format only)

This is Suzy's second video from the early 90s.

There are four 25 minute sections. At the end of the first three high/low cardio sections there is muscle strengthening work.

The breakdown of the workouts are as follows:

Workout 1. 20 min cardio then 5 min Abs/Back/inner thighs.

Workout 2. 20 min cardio then 5 min chest/outer thigh/biceps/triceps.

Workout 3. 20 min total cardio.

Workout 4. 20 min all strengthening exercises.

Suzy demonstrates at the beginning of the tape stretches for concluding the workouts so the 25 and 20 minute workouts exclude these.

At the end of the four workouts is the 'plus' section of the tape. Suzy gives motivational advice on beginning and maintaining a workout programme and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Suzy then introduces Jeni Pearce who is one of New Zealand's leading nutritionist and the advisor to top NZ sports teams such as the 'All Blacks' rugby team. Jeni gives detailed advice on nutrition.

This is a beginner to intermediate level tape. As I got fitter, I combined the sections for a longer workout and used dumbells to make the muscle strengthening work more intense.

There is always one background exerciser demonstrating a totally low impact routine.

This is a great workout for getting back into exercising and I would compare it intensity wise to Kathy Smith's beginner and intermediate routines.

For more information on Suzy Aitken, visit her website at:

Instructor Comments:
Suzy is a cheerful, friendly instructor. She introduces her team and makes comments to them from time to time which I personally like rather than other instructors who pretty much ignore their background exercisers.