Fit To The Hits: Moving To Motown

Tamilee Webb
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a 30 minute floor cardio routine led by Tamilee w/ a4 background exercisers. They work out in a nice open space with hardwood floors and blue stairs & pillars in the background. You wont need any equipment for this w/o. The dvd I have (collectors edition) has a bonus cardio w/o from another Tamilee w/o and it has a music only option.

This dvd features songs such as "heard it through the grapevine," "Uptight," "Signed, Sealed Delivered," "Cant' Help Myself" and a few other Motown type music. The moves are straightforward floor cardio- its a bit dancy- but I definately would not say its a dance w/o. Some of the moves include: mambo, grapevine, cha-cha's, marching/ jogging in place, V steps & variations, pivots, step touch, etc. She makes good use of space- and keeps you moving front to back & side to side to up the intensity a bit.

This is a great, fun, high energy workout. The selection of music is awesome but the dvd I have the music is almost too low to hear over Tamilee's instruction- I will definatley be using the music only option next time. I really do wish the music was louder- since thats kind of the point of this w/o. Having said that- I do enjoy the w/o and think it would adapt nicely to a rebounder. I used weighted gloves & added some plyos & arm movements and got a solid intermediate w/o. Done as is I would say this is a high beginner w/o. Tamilee is a great lead and her cueing was spot on. I received this dvd from Natural Journeys for my review.



I am an intermediate to low advanced exerciser just getting into more complex choreography. Lately I have been enjoying Christi Taylor workouts the most—I love the intensity and the music. This is almost as fun as some of Christi’s workouts.

Tamilee starts the workout with a fairly short warm-up that doesn’t include much, if any, stretching. The routines all last through one song and she builds the combos fairly slowly—they last approximately 5 minutes each. The workout is approximately 32 minutes. She only teaches them on one side (the exerciser’s right side) and starts the combo from that side each time through. Most of the time this isn’t a problem because you still work the other side equally.

While there is TIFTing, it is only within the combo you are working on, not from the beginning of the workout. Even the cooldown has its own little mini combo before a short stretch segment. The combinations aren’t incredibly difficult, so I caught on easily the first time through. There are some turns and pivots, but no more than two or three and it is easy to figure out which direction they are going. This one has more “dancy” stuff than its partner video--there are more cha-chas, mambos, hip sways, and such.

The camera angles are good for the most part and there are no diagonal angles that I can recall. I don’t remember getting frustrated with the cameras not showing what the feet and arms are supposed to be doing.

The music is all vocal and has a good instructor voice to music balance. The songs include I Can’t Help Myself, Signed Sealed Delivered, Nowhere to Run, This Old Heart of Mine, Uptight, and I Heard it Through the Grapevine.

The outfits aren’t your typical exercise gear. Tamilee is wearing something orange—pants and a half top in materials that I don’t even know how to describe. The background exercisers’ outfits vary from tank top and pants to bikini top and short boy shorts. One of the ladies is wearing dark green flare pants that have a flare at the bottom and at shin level.

The workout isn’t high intensity for me at all. It’s along the lines of some of Leslie’s videos as close as I can describe--the tougher ones such as Walk & Jog. It’s definitely low to moderate intensity. This one is more low impact than Rock Hard Assets, but again, you get out of it what you put into it. I like it for the energy, the fun factor, the music, and the fact that I can do it without working up a big sweat. That way I can do it in the afternoon if I’ve skipped my morning workout and I still have to go somewhere. I might get a little sheen, but I won’t be pouring sweat and needing a shower right away like I would if I did a Cathe workout.

Instructor Comments:
Tamilee sings the songs often and encourages the exerciser to sing, too, since “no one is watching, anyway.” I noticed that she has some kind of belly button jewelry—I can’t see it very well to tell what it is, but it flashes from time to time so you’ll know it’s there. The clip at Collage shows pretty much what Tamilee is going to be doing as far a talking and singing throughout the workout. Her cueing isn’t excellent, but it is okay.

Karen (Rhae)


I found this workout at my local library, and borrowed it because I love Motown. And being a Motown-head, I was not disappointed. Tamilee does sing some few lines, and she encourages you to sing, and I find it hard to resist! I've done this workout after long ugly days of sitting at the computer at the office, and it's a godsend. No matter what my mood is when I start, by the end I'm smiling.
I'm an intermediate exerciser. This is not an intense tape by any means. As said by another reviewer, you have to really put yourself into it to get your heart rate up. But I think even experienced exercisers -if they like Motown- will appreciate the happy mood of this video.
And I love the fact that Tamilee makes it a point to move all those joints that are stiff after a day in the office: wrists, hips, shoulders. It does get the kinks out. I wish this tape was longer and had more songs because at the end I'm always hoping for more. And Tamilee's outfit is really cute too.



This is a 30 minute cardio hi/lo routine. The cardio is split up into threee easy-to-learn blocks of choreography, which include step-touches, mambos and chachas, grapevines, and other basic moves, all given some 'flava' with some hip movement and arm and shoulder shimmy patterns, and other dancy cardio intensifying moves, woven in. There are some choreography moves that are easier and lighter, and a few that require more movement and real estate, but on the whole, even though this is an easy workout, you *can* get your heart rate up if you really put your all into the moves, really shake the hips and shimmy those shoulders. The workout exudes a fun, carefree, dance-party vibe that is helped along by Tamilee's goofy quips and occasional singing along with the soundtrack. She also features an outfit that is just - well, let's just say it brings a smile to my face. The outfit is bright peach, the pants are plastic and patterned is nome reptilian way, and the top - the first time I've ever seen this in a fitness video, is furry. Tamilee is a total kick in this video, which I find refreshing because I am so used to her 'getting down to business' attitude (I have all DVD series of IWTB, Stretching ,Tighter Assets). The set is bright, the background exercisers are wearing fun, bright ensembles and are having a good time (but not as good a time as Tamilee ;) ), and the music is great. I've heard complaints about the fact that Tamilee sings along with the soundtrack a lot (and, with all due respect, she's no Aretha), but what a BLAST this workout is. It's fun, it's cheesy (I like/appreciate cheese) and it is a high-quality production on all fronts. This workout reminded me that #1 in working out is to have a good time! I got a lot of hip-shaking and shimmying in this workout, and I had a great time, too. If I'd had the time, I might have done it twice.
This one is sticking around.

Instructor Comments:
Usually no-nonsense, Tamilee is a total goofball in this workout, and it works!

Kathy Weller