The Firm: Super Cardio Sculpt

Nancy Tucker
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a 40 min cardio workout led by Nancy with 4 background exercisers-Libby provides beginner modifications. The set is bright and white with blue accents in the background. You will need your Fanny Lifter or another step and a set of light dumbbells for this workout.

This is a moderately choreographed (but nothing dancy or hard to follow) cardio workout. Nancy keeps things moving right along and really keeps the heart rate up. She alternates floor aerobics, 4 limb floor aerobics, step aerobics, and tall bax climbs to keep things interesting and prevent boredom.

The routines are your typical Firm fare without being boring or repetitive. Some of the aerobics include: tri-star, straddle step, V step, side step, grapevine, knee ups on the floor and step, ham curls on the step, tall box climb with dumbbells, and the likes thereof.

Done as is I would rate this a lower intermediate workout because Nancy doesnt really bump up the intensity all that much. There is a lot of low impact and they only use the short section of the Fanny Lifter. I wore my weighted gloves, used the 8" section of the FL, and added in plyos and bigger arm movements and I got a GREAT sweaty cardio workout. I enjoyed this w/o and dont use it enough!



This is probably one of my most used videos. It's a great length to add on to other workouts and the intensity is just perfect for that. There is a good variety of cardio (four limbed, step, floor etc.) so it's hard to get bored with this. Impact is mixed, with some of the later segments adding more jumps. As with all of the newer FIRM's, there is a background exerciser (Libby), demonstrating beginner modifications.

I think the title of this is a bit deceiving since it isn't really a sculpting workout at all. There is some four limbed work, and a section of fast tall box climbs with light weights, but overall it is very much cardio focused. I do tend to feel this one in my legs the next day though.

As I said in another review, I think FIRM style cardio is generally under-rated. It's fun and functional and won't fail to get your heart rate up. So what if it's not complicated or dancy? There's no reason why the definition of good cardio should be limited to just one style.

Instructor Comments:
When I first previewed this video I thought Nancy might be annoying, but when I did the workout I didn't find that at all. She's a friendly and positive instructor and the workout just flies by!



I only found two reviews for this workout, so I thought I'd add one. Here's a crude break down:

0-6:00 Warm Up
6:00-10:30 4 limbed aerobics with the short section of the fanny lifter
10:30-16:00 Tall box work
16:00-21:30 Floor aerobics, low impact
21:30-27:00 Floor aerobics, higher impact
31:00-32:30 Tall Box work
32:30-36:30 Step aerobics with a lower body focus
36:30-40:00 Stretch

Athletic moves are used for each segment/combo. With all the different combos, time goes fairly quickly. Typical of the newer firms, one background exerciser shows modifications for beginners. Nancy does a great job of cueing the earlier segments, but it seems like there is there is less cueing in the later segments.
Do I like this workout? I've been on the fence since I purchased it. I was expecting something a bit different as Collage advertised it as aero-tone intervals, but other than the short 4 limbed segment at the beginning you do not use weights. If you are looking for athletic cardio, that mixes up floor, step, and tall box work you will probably really like this workout. If you are looking for aerobic weight-training (more like classic firms) then this will probably not suit your tastes.

Instructor Comments:
Nancy leads several Firm instructors through the workout. They are wearing coordinated (but not matching) outfits, blue on top, black on the bottom. I find that these newer firms do not use very flattering lighting, it's harsh and blue. This doesn't really bother me now, but it definately gives these a different look and feel than older firms.



Yes, this is definitely NOT the old FIRM: it's mostly low impact,they use a 6" step, there's little weight work, little lower body work, no heavy weight work, and the FIRM's signature music has been replaced with the same club-style music every other video uses. But after several workouts with this one, I'm very happy with it. It's a nice mix of step, 4-limb, & low impact; 5-lb. weights are used in 2 of the 7 segments. I'm advanced and I modify modify: I use an 8" step and add high impact everywhere, which is easy to do with this routine. (It's too fast to heavy up on weights.) I check my heartrate constantly and am always in the high end of my t. zone and sweating! And if you have to have club music, it's pretty decent. Bottom line: while I much prefer the old FIRM, this is a solid, fun workout with the FIRM's usual high production values and 2 bonuses: the step is more choreographed and the lack of heavy weight work means I can use it on my cardio-only days. This is a good one to mix with old FIRMs or with other new ones. And hey, what with other instructors upping their videos to $25 (Cathe, CIA), this is a super buy for $15! Highly recommend adding this to your FIRM collection.

Instructor Comments:
As always, Nancy is friendly & supportive & cues well.



This was my favorite tape in the new 6-pack. It seemed like they saved all the high impact for this tape, and that may be one reason I liked it. I even added more of my own! I had so much fun, I couldn't help but turn all the low-jacks in high jacks and add power to everything I could.

Renee Drellishak